Digital Must-Haves: How to Get Ahead Online in 2019

Written By: Mary Fonvielle We’re three months into 2019: Is your business following a good digital strategy? There’s no excuse not to have these digital must-haves on your radar!    Make sure your website is…  Mobile friendly 64% of Google search clicks originated from mobile in 2018. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re ignoring the […]

Closing the Opportunity Gap in Forsyth County

BY BOB FEIKEMA, FAMILY SERVICES PRESIDENT AND CEO Education has long been the door to opportunity and the pathway to prosperity in America. “The American Century” was made possible by the establishment of the universal public high school, which began around 1910.  At that time only nine percent of Americans had a high school diploma; […]

Endometriosis Awareness

BY JAMIE LOBER   March is Endometriosis Awareness Month.  This women’s health condition, unfortunately, does not get the attention it deserves as many people write it off as someone just having a bad period, when the reality is that it is so much more.  In fact, there are around 176 million women suffering worldwide, which […]

Writers Who Read: Beloved Children’s Books

For many people, the love of reading starts at a young age, thanks to being introduced to classic children’s books. Growing up, I had multiple novels that I loved to read over and over again. To this day, I still remember those stories and the emotions they brought with them. If you are looking for […]

Understanding Nature, Changing Perspectives

It is instinctive to fear.  Flight or freeze is the unconscious reaction that occurs well before the mind internalizes the moment.  The psychological changes in the body by the production of adrenaline results in the need to scream, jump onto a chair, run at high speed, duck and cover the head and face, or stand […]

The Reasons to Fall in Love with Mint

Breathe deeply!  Before you know it, your legs have walked toward the fragrant smell that may remind you of a favorite tea infused with peppermint or a soothing mentholated massage.  With each breath, the senses grow stronger, the body feels energized, and ready to conquer the day. Varieties “If any man can name all the […]

Gastroenterology Associates of the Piedmont Raising awareness for all!

According to the American Cancer Society, about 51,020 people in the United States will die from colorectal cancer this year.  “Fifty-one thousand people is too many – so we’ve made it our passion to spread encouragement and knowledge to patients who are putting off their screening,” says Dr. David Barry of Gastroenterology Associates of the […]

Easy Italian Home Cooking

Not all of us have an Italian grandmother to make the kitchen smell nostalgically like garlic or the perfect Italian place to eat out, but fortunately, now you can make and share these classic Italian recipes in your own home. These recipes will become favorite Italian staples for your family and friends to enjoy for […]

Hannah’s Hope

In 2013 Kathryn Johnson received the worst news that a mother could get: her unborn child had no heartbeat. Heartbroken, she began searching online for resources to help her through this difficult time and found them lacking. Determined to help other mothers and families going through this loss, she created her first “Hope Box” at […]

Cash Out Your Clutter

GET GOING ON YOUR GOALS So, it’s been about two months since you fervently made your New Year’s resolutions for 2019. Did those resolutions include getting organized and making more money? If so, you can accomplish two goals in one by turning your clutter into cash. Not only does cleaning and clearing your space help […]

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