Lifestyle Tweaks to Make this Winter

If you absolutely dread winter, or are at best “stoical” about it, here’s an opportunity to turn that around by:

  • Rethinking routines
  • Considering adaptations
  • Managing temptations

By putting yourself in control of how you experience this season, you may find that you actually enjoy it.

First Things First: Your Health


Do you tend to hunker down by consuming more calories, eating heavier foods, or giving in to those tempting holiday treats a bit too often? Head that off at the pass by stocking up on healthy snacks and planning ahead so that you stay in control of what you eat. Remind yourself that overindulgence now means payback later!


Don’t let the gray days and chillier temps turn you into a seasonal couch potato. Make appointments with your exercise bike or a cool YouTube video, just as if you were going to the gym. Another great option is to bundle up and get outside for a brisk daily walk. You know what they say about a body in motion. Aim for that.


Lip balm keeps chapped lips at bay. It is the first thing I reach for on cool mornings before heading out for my walk. I also keep a nice tube of scented hand cream at my desk and near my reading chair to slather on throughout the day. And remember that daily sunscreen and moisturizer are a must 365 days of the year!


Check in with your doctor to see if you should make any adaptations here. For me, it’s usually a bit more D3 to compensate for the sun’s natural rays.  Last year he also added B12 to my regimen.

Light exposure

Work in 30 minutes of natural light each day to help keep your hormones in balance, catch those night time ZZZZs we all crave, and boost your spirit. All of that is absolutely free of charge!

Now Move On: Repurpose or Refresh your Space

With the pandemic prompt, many of us got a jump start on rethinking how we use our square footage. Now that you are indoors for more hours, think about how you will spend your time and adapt your space accordingly. For example, I turn my enclosed, light-filled sunroom into a winter library/reading room. When my husband goes looking for me, that is the first place he checks.

Make happy changes: comfort, scent, and so on

Think in terms of layering on the things that appeal to your senses and bring your soul joy. A trip to one of our many local boutiques or the TJ Maxx  will provide plenty of options: cozy “wintry” throws, scented candles, essential oils, soaps, winter-themed kitchen towels, and on and on! I keep an oil diffuser in my sunroom/reading room. Every time I turn it on my brain knows it’s time to settle into a good read.

Bring nature in

Small branches, dried pods from the past summer, bird feathers, nests, you name it! All help you to sustain your innate connection to nature inside your home.

Declutter and organize

Don’t wait until spring because there will be plenty to tackle then. Instead, start chipping away at small things: a drawer here, a spice rack there. You will be happy you did when April rolls around.

Channel your inner Julia Child

There is no time like winter to create your own “joy of cooking” experience! Light a candle, grab your beverage of choice, turn on some music, and go for it.


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