Lamberti’s: Everything Old is New Again



As we head into another New Year, it’s always fun to take a look back at the past. When Mr. Lamberti opened his salon back in 1940, could he have imagined how much his little shop would grow? Could he have imagined someday Lamberti’s would offer eyelash extensions and eyelash perms? I doubt it. Could he have imagined women would come in actually wanting their hair dyed gray? Probably not. Could he have expected Lamberti’s to have the same family feel and high level of customer service? I’m sure he would, and he would not be disappointed. Though Lamberti’s techniques and services have continued to advance with the times, the one thing that never changes is their dedication to their clients and their community.

From beehives to messy buns, if it’s glamour, it’s been found at Lamberti’s. An old ad from Lamberti’s stated: “Put a glamorous new you in your future by seeing us regularly for all your beauty needs.” Lamberti’s salon realized early on that glamour isn’t a one-night thing. That holiday beehive required year-round hair maintenance to make it gorgeous. That office Christmas party cat’s eye wouldn’t be the same without year-round skin care. Those red nails needed monthly manicures to really gleam. As the current owner of Lamberti’s Salon and Day Spa, Monica Rock carries forward this education in glamour with a few modern tricks.

Some of the newest additions that help you not only have easy last-minute glamour, but also everyday chic, are lash perms, eyelash extension and eyelash lifts. How much easier will your morning or a big night out routines be when you have great lashes BEFORE you apply your mascara? Every woman can use a little extra time in the morning and these services by Lamberti’s give you those few extra minutes that count.

There is nothing more glamorous than beautiful, natural skin. It is the base for any look you wish to achieve. Luckily, the aestheticians and cosmetologists at Lamberti’s are ready to not only give you an amazing facial from their long list of possibilities, they will also recommend a skin care regime that is just right for you. The products you need for this regime are all available for sale in the Lamberti’s retail section in the lobby of the Salon. And when you need to have your makeup applied for that big night, they can do that, too.

The Lamberti’s hair stylists are constantly training to provide their clients with the newest in glamour and the newest in care. Without good hair care, you can never have glamorous updos and style. Every stylist takes the time to learn what each client wants to achieve and then discusses with the client the best way for her to achieve that look for herself. The most important part is that they take time to listen and they take time to explain, so that when a client walks out of the salon, she feels beautiful and special.

With all the styles of nails and nail art on Pinterest, this is a popular service at any salon. Mr. Lamberti realized nails are part of the glamour, but he probably didn’t realize the future of nails would be so intricate or so fun. A regular manicure and pedicure at Lamberti’s can keep your nails looking gorgeous. And when the time comes for a little nail bling, your nails will be ready. Not to mention all the lovely pampering manicures and pedicures that are available. There is even a seasonal menu…..including PUMPKIN SPICE.

Step by step, every day, Lamberti’s tries to ensure you a glamorous future by regularly taking care of your beauty needs. Monica and the Ladies of Lamberti’s want to make you look and feel just as glamorous as Mr. Lamberti wanted to make ladies appear back when he opened the Salon. If everything old is new again, Lamberti’ has come full circle as Monica takes Mr. Lamberti’s goal of continual care and glamour and steps ahead into the future. Who knew Mr. Lamberti was such a trendsetter? Now bring your Pinterest pics to Lamberti’s and let them get started in helping you find your most glamorous you.


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