Keeping It Real: What a Lie Feels Like

Let’s get right to it. What keeps you up at night? What fear swirls into a full-blown cyclone every time you ponder it?

Fear will surely wreck your days and rob your nights, won’t it?

Have you ever noticed that just before God does something especially miraculous in Scripture, He whispers, “Do not be afraid?” He gets us, doesn’t He? This all-knowing Father understands our panic when our ducks get knocked out of their rows. (Don’t. Mess. With. My. Ducks!)

We females seem especially prone to worry. The moment our feet hit the floor, anxiety sets in. “Did the kids finish their homework? I forgot to buy dog food! Is there enough clean laundry for everyone? Work is going to be impossible again today.” Anxiety becomes our default. If we can’t find something to worry about, we… worry!

This deep-seated anxiety finds its home in us when we believe we must solve all life’s problems – when we assume responsibility for fixing all that is broken. Whether we recognize it or not, our fears are rooted in this notion that God’s love will quit on us, or that His ability to do the impossible will collapse in our story, leaving our world entirely upon our shoulders.

My husband said recently, “Fear is what a lie feels like.” Did you get that? Fear believes; it just believes the wrong thing. Faith looks toward God; fear focuses on the reverse route. This backward gazing sabotages our every endeavor. It’s like trying to score a touchdown running toward your own end zone. You spend your energy scoring for the opposing team and feeling like an idiot. There is NO VICTORY in fear… EVER!

I can hear your thoughts from where I’m sitting. “Yeah, yeah, I know God loves. I know He performs miracles. I’m just not so sure I make the list.”

The truth is, you cannot wear God out! You cannot outrun His love, and you surely cannot diminish His power to do the impossible. You can only diminish your ability to believe it and watch His work unfold in your journey.

Stop reacting to the emotional shrapnel in your soul. Just because you did not get THAT job does not mean you will not get this job. Just because other marriages are crumbling does not mean yours will, too. Just because your loved one is combatting cancer does not mean you are destined to fight this evil. Just because one love left you does not mean that every love will leave you. Fear is what a lie feels like!

You say, “You don’t know what I’m facing. You don’t know how long I’ve stood here and how insurmountable this mountain seems.”You’re right. I don’t. But this I know: God hears your every prayer and believes in your success infinitely more than you do.

Fear cannot remain when your gaze gets riveted on the One who carries you. When you lock eyes with Abba, every other reality in your living is exposed as immeasurably less than the reality of Him. Stop running in the wrong direction. Stop where you are. Turn around. See Him? He sees you.

As you face these rough waters, I can’t tell you how God is going to take you to the other side. But even if He must carry you right through the eye of the storm, His love will not leave you. His Power will not abandon you in the turbulence. If He said He will do it, HE WILL!


“When she arrived at the cliff in the valley,

there was no room in her soul for fear,

for she knew God had brought her this far

and He would still be with her here.

And though she was waiting to see

what miraculous thing He would do,

she never let go of His highwind whispers:

I know the plans I have for you.’” (Morgan Harper Nichols)


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