Keeping It Real: The Other Side


As we stand smack in the middle of a time like no other, I keep hearing, “We’re all in the same boat.” While I get what folks are saying, it’s not exactly true.

We are all in the same storm, but we are NOT all in the same boat.

Unlike previous times in our history, we don’t have the luxury of gleaning wisdom from mentors who wrestled with similar experiences. No one we know has been here. We’re in this storm together!

Whether we like it or not, life’s storms are inevitable. Jesus said, “In this life you will face trouble.” (John 16:33)

Certainly, we recall times when our choices created our storms. (Been there, done that!) But, for the most part, we don’t get to choose our storms. They tend to spin headlong into our carefully laid plans. We DO, however, get to choose our boat!

Friends, it’s all about the boat we choose, not the storm!

Jesus got into the boat with His fishermen friends to get to “the other side.” (Mark 4:35-41) The hovering dark clouds did not faze these experts as they pushed away from shore. But, once the violence of the storm surpassed their skillset, they realized they, the conquerors, were about to be conquered.

To make matters worse…Jesus was snoozing! We can imagine their thoughts, can’t we?\

“How can He doze when the boat is plummeting?”

“Does He not even care that we’re going to die?!”

“If Jesus knows all things, why would He have instructed us to even be in this freaking boat?!”

So much panic. So many problems.

They frantically awaken Jesus with a thrashing, “Don’t you even care that we’re drowning?!” Jesus didn’t react to their accusatory tone. He simply said to the wind and waves, “Be still!” (That’s it!) SUDDENLY, calm laid on that ferocious water like a father’s hand resting on a disruptive child! It was that easy, that abrupt!

Jesus looked at them to ask, “Where is your faith?” These men had witnessed Jesus’ miracle-working power time and again.

Friends, we’ve witnessed His miracle-working power time and again. Yet, when the next storm seeks to capsize our boat, why is the first thing we scream, “Jesus, don’t You even care?”

The problem is, we focus on the wrong thing. We fixate on the storm. Jesus remains focused on “the other side.”

He knows so well that storms will inevitably assail us. The determining factor in getting to “the other side” of where you presently stand is NOT the ferocity of the storms you face, but the boat you choose.

I’m watching people I love row out into the deep in boats piloted by politics, while others are engulfed in boats steered by constant media sound bites. It’s no wonder so many folks find themselves afraid, angry, depressed.

If you knew what awaited you “on the other side” of this turbulence, you would choose the boat where the Peace Speaker dwells. He’s so certain of your arrival to the other side that He actually rests in the thick of this storm. He wants you to trust His ability to get you there so that you can rest, too.

Jesus said, “In this life, you are going to face trouble. But, take heart! I’ve conquered the world.” (John 16:33)

Friends, choose your boat wisely. Don’t be so eager to jump on everyone else’s boats. If you’re prepared to stand out, I promise you, you’ll make it through this storm to “the other side” of this mayhem where the next great chapter of your life awaits! If you choose the One who rests even in the storm, you will be able to rest in it, too. No kidding!

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