Keeping it Real: Take Two


Trust has been shattered in this hour. Shady deals and padded pockets perforate every arena of culture. Those who vowed to work for our good now work exclusively for their own.

If that isn’t enough, in our daily living, we find ourselves very personally shattered by some whom we allowed into our innermost sanctum.

All the broken promises leave us wondering, “Can anyone be trusted?”

Listen close, friend. “God is not a man—He doesn’t lie. [He doesn’t] take back what He’s said, or say something and not follow through, or speak and not act on it.” (Numbers 23:19, VOICE) God can be trusted with you and every single thing that concerns you. He is not merely enough. He’s more than you’ll ever need!

When I tell you God’s LIVING WORD saved my very life a few years ago, it’s no exaggeration! A tsunami crashed in on me from every direction without warning. In my desperation, I chose to BELIEVE GOD’S WORD MORE THAN I BELIEVED ANYTHING ELSE! Turns out God’s Word proved to be everything He Promised and then some. I didn’t merely survive a thing. I actually rose from the ashes so much better than before! For real y’all!

Because I know that I know the absolute Power of this Living Word, I desperately desire that YOU taste it, too! Here’s a devotional for every day of the month!

Let’s begin this New Year well. Come dive into these pages with me. Let’s put God’s Word to the test and watch it triumph in your life just like it has every other time throughout the ages for those who BELIEVED GOD’S WORD MORE THAN THEY BELIEVED ANYTHING ELSE!

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Let’s do this!…/dp/B09L3NP1BT/ref=sr_1_1…



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