Keeping It Real: Great Men

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a guy?  Come on, girls.  Tell the truth. You have, haven’t you?  Surely, you’ve envied how men can be out-the-door in ten minutes flat.  

Perhaps you feel a little begrudged that guys get pot-bellies and no one notices.  (This never happens in a woman’s world!)  

Menfolk get to live less stressed by comparison, right?  At least, it seems that way when you ponder things from a woman’s perspective.  But is that really fair?  Think about it.  Guys are getting punched from every direction these days.  

Culture does its best to disassemble the whole notion of manhood.  We’ve gone from Father Knows Best in the 1950s to Father Knows Nothing in today’s psyche.  Don’t believe me?  Consider the role of fathers in popular sitcoms.  Either the dad is completely absent or painstakingly detached from things that matter.  

It’s amazing the impact the media has on our perceptions.  If we hear something long enough, we find ourselves believing it. What’s worse, we find ourselves replicating it. 

As we approach Father’s Day, I can’t help but consider all the guys who turn culture’s idea of manhood on its head.  

I personally know numerous men whose families came apart at the seams while their children were quite young.  Rather than follow society’s script, these dads chose to become the primary caregiver for their kids.  To further complicate matters, many of the children were female.  I’ve watched with admiration as dads taught daughters things that moms generally manage.  They simply did what had to be done.

These men worked tirelessly to provide for their families while simultaneously being active in their children’s lives.  They lived out their faith in visible ways.  These guys invested so sacrificially with little concern for their own wellbeing. Raising remarkable kids became their fixation.  

Now I know single moms are thinking, “I do this, too, and nobody’s giving me a medal.”  Hear me, I applaud you.  In fact, I was raised by a single mom to whom I owe my life.  Honoring remarkable men subtracts nothing from you.  I’m simply making the point that incredible dads break culture’s stereotypes daily.  Such guys demonstrate what it means to truly be great.  

So what makes a man great?  Great men work hard to provide for their families but realize children don’t need more stuff.  They need a father who is present.  

Great men use their strength to help the weak and invest their time in something beyond themselves.  

Great men don’t have all the answers but their Faith directs them to the One who does.  They stand tall and yet, they bow low. 

Maybe you desire to be a better dad.  So what are you waiting for?  It’s a new day.  Just do it!  

Perhaps you’re a mother who longs to witness these qualities in the father of your children.  Why don’t you speak to the father of your children like he’s great? For real! It’s not magic, but what have you got to lose?  Eventually, it just may encourage him to pursue nobler ways.  

Meanwhile, take notice of the great men who surround you.  In fact, while culture is doing its best to erase all semblance of genuine greatness in men, why don’t you take a moment to thank them? It will matter more than you realize. I promise!

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