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Amy Dixon is celebrating 18 years of studio ownership! She began in 2002 with a teeny yoga studio that held one reformer for private sessions. Throw in six location changes, a couple of business name changes, and here we are! Inner Strength Pilates (ISP) is officially eight years old! We are a fully outfitted Pilates Studio with the best staff in Winston-Salem! Our staff of 13 have over 170 years of combined experience.  “We have been blessed beyond measure, and we are so grateful to be able to share our love of Pilates and wellness with you!”

A Unique Pilates Experience

What happens when you take the most qualified, experienced Pilates staff in the city and place them all under one roof? You get the best possible Pilates experience custom-tailored to fit your needs!

Changing the Posture of Winston-Salem, one spine at a time!)))))

Pilates is a unique form of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates. At Inner Strength Pilates, our focus is proper form and function to create a strong and stable core. Pilates ensures a stable foundation on which to build. Once there is a stable foundation, we can construct the rest of your house! Alignment, strength, and endurance will all improve. Conditioning your body with precision of movement will also improve one’s lean muscle mass, flexibility, muscular balance, and posture.

Come in and see one of our nine Certified Pilates Teachers to get started!

A regular Pilates practice can enhance athletic ability, help to reduce stress, promote healthy breathing patterns, and create a deeper mind-body connection. In today’s society, Pilates has become increasingly relevant, since so many of us sit for prolonged periods of time. Core strength training and therapeutic exercise have become even more valuable in order to avoid or manage many common injuries.

Interested in teaching? We also offer Polestar Pilates Teacher Training. Amy is teaching the next series soon!

The question isn’t, “Should I do Pilates?” The question is, “Why aren’t you?”

Movement Restore Therapy

Movement Restore Therapy is a combination of 26 years of Amy’s experience and learning. Movement Restore Therapy is ideal for all rehabilitation situations, whether it is chronic pain and illness, joint surgeries, breast cancer, pregnancy, or post-partum. In spine and disc pathologies, it can help align, strengthen, and decompress injured vertebrae. Amy also specializes in Scolio-Pilates and Pilates for Osteoporosis, as well as NeuroMuscular Reprogramming.

Clients in pain often experience a Catch-22—movement is essential to healing, but movement hurts; it is easy to get stuck in a pain/fear-of-movement cycle. In Movement Restore Therapy with Inner Strength, you will learn gentle, safe movements that can break the pain cycle, and help prevent the guarding and tension that inhibits recovery. We work with many local Physical Therapists and Ortho Doctors to help bridge the gap for patients on their recovery and wellness path.

The Egoscue Method

Egoscue Postural Therapy is not a form of treatment that chases after short term relief of symptoms. Our primary objective is to eliminate musculoskeletal system disparities and the resulting postural dysfunctions that interfere with pain-free living. The only Certified Egoscue Therapist in NC is located at ISP.

Here’s a great analogy…..If your right front tire keeps going bald from that pothole you hit a few months ago, you don’t replace the tire over and over again, right? You go to a trusted mechanic for an ALIGNMENT! So the same can be said for the frame of your body. Out of whack means a joint is grinding or a muscle is sleeping at the switch somewhere. So the pain is the red flag – listen up! Go to the source and fix the reason WHY the pain has developed!

Massage Therapy

Our Licensed Massage Therapists, Teresa Hucks and Rene Reynolds, each have 20 years’ experience. Massage Therapy reduces muscle tension and increases circulation. Teresa and Rene have many years of specialized training in Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Structural Integration, NeuroMuscular Reprogramming, Hot Stones, Cupping, Moxabustion, and Eastern Medicine Techniques. Really, need we say more?


Come visit our Licensed Esthetician, Charity Dobbins, who has more than 20 years in skin care. She makes skin radiant, specializing in custom facials with a focus on overall relaxation and well-being. Charity offers microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, brow and lash tinting, and chemical peels. In addition to skin care, she also provides full body waxing services.

Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy uses a gentle, non-invasive, relaxing technique. Therapy wands used on the skin emit a low energy field of dynamic wave pulses of low frequencies, light, and electro pressure. This stimulation of the lymph nodes increases the flow and drainage of the entire lymphatic system. This assists the immune system to remove impurities and fight infection in the body. Our certified lymphatic practitioners, Paula Faub and Summer Thomas, are ready to help you relieve symptoms due to Lyme disease, mold and metal toxicity, surgical recovery, lymphedema, and more. Maintaining a healthy lymphatic system correlates to maintaining a healthy immune system!

Inner Strength Pilates has many offerings to take care of your needs. Let us help you find YOUR inner strength!

Inner Strength Pilates

Pilates & Massage Therapy

Polestar Pilates Education

Egoscue University Certified 

Postural Alignment Therapy

Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy

Esthetics and more!


Where does YOUR Inner Strength come from?

Philippians 4:13


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