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I don’t know about you, but I am consistently surrounded by incredible women, and I get a little more than frustrated that I can’t nominate them for an award or write a big nationwide think-piece on their awesomeness.

These women aren’t the people who are always featured in local lists – they aren’t necessarily business owners that are doing amazing things (love to my fellow entrepreneurs!), non-profit mavens that help the community, or philanthropists that head and help incredible organizations. These women are doing something outside of their career and work-life that just needs to be celebrated.

I’ve written time and time again that we’re all more than our work, and if you talk to me long enough, I’ll tell you that we need to celebrate people a bit more. Celebrations are wonderful! They also build community, make people feel magical, and show appreciation.

You see, folks are afraid to talk about their accomplishments – women especially! And this gets worse when people are doing things outside of their normal “work,” and they feel their accomplishment just isn’t enough to warrant more than a self-deprecating post on social media or a shy mention to a friend. Cue this new column, In the Spotlight, specifically created for celebrating those everyday moments of someone just being amazing.

Call it uplifting women. Call it empowerment. Call it a confetti-filled party bus for someone that is just rocking life. We’re looking for everyday women that need to be celebrated. We ask for your patience and understanding – and input! – while we shape this new column together. It came from a place of wanting women to feel unapologetic about their everyday accomplishments.

Maybe you’d like to nominate someone like Natasha Smith for getting her blue belt in Tae Kwon Do. How about Lana Skrypnyk for organizing a fundraiser for the Rose family and their medical bills, or Carla Day for raising awareness with Latina Equal Pay Day or Lydia Collins for being an amazing and hardworking parent…I could go on forever with women in my life, but I would much rather see and uplift the women in YOUR lives.

Take some time out of your day today and send us some folks who need some spotlight in their lives. It’s as simple as sending us a name, why they are amazing, and their contact email – please keep this to everyday moments and accomplishments and save our amazing local women in business for one of Forsyth Magazines many opportunities to showcase local entrepreneurs. Please contact XXXX with questions and submit your nomination – and feel free to self nominate! – to xxxxxxx.


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