Hustle & Heart-Uncover the Magic of Your Message: How to DIY a Brand Messaging Audit

We’ve all heard at least one story about a Hollywood celebrity meeting gone wrong. Your cousin or a colleague shares that they had the opportunity to meet “so-and-so” years back and quickly realized that they’re not at all how they seem on screen. What a let down, right? And yet, the expansive digital footprint small businesses and larger brands have nowadays opens up the opportunity for that exact encounter with future customers. 

When you create a blog post or caption, send an email, or draft your service guide, are you homing in on what your audience really wants and needs to hear from your brand to help them know you’re the one for them? Imagine you were suddenly sitting across from your ideal client in person. What would happen when you meet or share a coffee over conversation? Would they feel like they already knew you? Would the excitement over what you could do for them rise or fall? Would there be some confusion or even disappointment in who you are in real life versus online? 

Strive for the same level of connection online and offline. 

The truth is some businesses misrepresent themselves in their messaging, leaving opportunities on the table, both positive and negative ones. This month, say goodbye to watered down messaging and hello to powerful prose that gets results for your business by completing your own brand audit! Here are three important steps to review the message you’re sharing across your business to ensure you’re showing up in the best way possible to attract customers who can’t get enough of what you have to offer them. 

#1 Schedule Your Brand Audit 

Your messaging gives you the opportunity to help your audience overcome their struggle and achieve their desire with your offering. Creating time for a brand audit isn’t a luxury but a priority in your business. Carve out one hour on your calendar to reserve with the goal of reviewing key marketing elements and content creation. This will help you cohesively see what your brand voice and messaging really looks like to your customer and begin to understand where there is the biggest opportunity to evolve. 

Review the list below for examples of your existing messaging: 

  • Mission Statement
  • Brand Statement
  • Swipe Files
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Brand Bio
  • Website Copy
  • Service Guide
  • Social Media
  • Email Newsletter

#2 Know What You’re Looking For

Consult the building blocks of your brand to make sure your messaging stays aligned with who you really are. Perhaps dust off your business plan to review your initial goals and key messaging to see if you’ve since evolved or find yourself wanting to use it as a compass to get back to the start. Home in on your brand voice and the way you’re communicating your message. Does it sound like me and the brand I’m building? Does it sound a bit too generic? You want to be easily recognizable, not only visually but the way you speak to your audience. 

#3 Prioritize Standing Out 

It’s too easy to let what other brands are doing influence our own. Your competitive edge doesn’t come from something as simple as your pricing, but your messaging. (What you might be missing in your message could reflect what’s missing in your revenue.) Create cohesive opportunities to stand out by encouraging your customer, educating them on something they care about, and providing your unique selling points. If you’re unsure of how to begin including these types of highlights within your messaging, simply ask yourself the following questions: 

  1. What is your area of expertise and your experience in?
  2. What are you passionate about and love to talk about?
  3. What things does your ideal audience want to learn/need to hear?  

Your messaging should be serving your highest potential as a business.  Don’t overcomplicate things. Keep your message focused on the heart of your unique value and what you wish every customer knew about your business, and that will guide you. 

Hustle & Heart Challenge

This month, take time to schedule your own brand audit and ask yourself, “What key changes can I incorporate to add magic to my messaging?” Choose 3-5 items from the list included in this month’s column to review for opportunities to speak to your audience in a way that highlights your unique selling points and values. 


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