Hustle & Heart: How to Self-Promote Without Feeling Icky

Women don’t like to ask for help and they don’t like to toot their own horn. These aren’t just popular opinions – they’re proven facts. If you were to do a Google search right now, you would be met with literally hundreds of studies, books, blogs, TED Talks, and other media speaking to these issues with the statistics to back them up. So, imagine, as business owners, how incredibly weighed down we can often feel by just the mere thought of self-promotion.

Ultimately, it just feels icky, right? It’s where the two worlds of fear collide – asking for help and tooting your own horn!

You want your business to flourish and that means getting it out in front of the people who need what you have to offer. In reality, it’s your job to help build trust in your brand by showcasing how great it really is. So let’s get comfortable in shouting both of those things from the rooftop!

You’re Providing Value, Not Asking for Help

It’s not about screaming for sales and asking for the spotlight; it’s about showing the unique value that your product or service brings to the table. One of my favorite quotes to remember here is, “Be a resource, not a sales pitch.” It feels like the whole world is selling at us sometimes, which means your message has to be something your customers care about to begin with, in order to really make an impact on them. When you are promoting your business, really focus on the value of what you do and what problems you are the solution for. This will help alleviate that uncomfortable “salesy” feeling we all dislike so much and instead remind you that you are doing a service by letting others know about you and your brand.

Embrace Who You Are and Be Her

There is so much pressure for small businesses to compete with the big box stores, corporations, and even their fellow mom & pop brands today. It can make it easy to forget that there is something special on our side: the power to be ourselves! One of the largest benefits to having your own business is being in the front seat and allowing yourself to show up authentically under the brand identity you want to put out into the world. What makes your business and product shine is the unique perspective and characteristics that you pour into it every day. People like to buy from other people, so show up as who you are every step of the way. When you market yourself and start to sense that “overwhelmed” feeling sink in, remind yourself that being exactly who you are is your most beneficial tool. Your best customers will connect with you and see the value of what you offer.

Master the Balancing Act of Marketing

You don’t have to scream about your business from a mountain top to be heard. It can sometimes feel like you do, but I promise there is something to be said about finding a happy balance between promoting and preparing. Everything you do in your business should be done with purpose and intention. When you have a new service launching or a product sale coming up, promote your brand and dive into your marketing across all of your resources. Make sure to pause in between those large promotional moments and prepare your existing audience and potential customers alike, by curating connection and trust. That means you can step back from feeling like you’re self-promoting and share things in-person or on your website, social media, and other platforms that let your audience connect with you. This is where you can share more behind-the-scenes looks at your business, origin stories of your brand, favorite ways to use your product, testimonials from previous clients, and any other piece of your story that will help foster connection. At the end of the day, that’s what promoting your business is all about – connecting with the customers who feel connected to you and what you sell.



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