Hustle & Heart: Quieting the Noise This Year to Find Your Brand’s Vision & Voice

This is your brand’s year to lean into its unique vision and voice to connect with customers on a deeper, more impactful level. After all, this is what consumers are craving more than anything: real, authentic connection. If this sounds exactly like what you’re trying to accomplish with your own branding and marketing, I have a secret for you.

Your most powerful tool in making this change is learning how to quiet the noise that’s impacting how you show up in your brand.

Discovering what the background noise is costing you.

Maybe you don’t notice the noise I’m talking about. Perhaps you are working hard over there, not even realizing the low humming of outside perspective and voice influencing your own? The truth is, between competitors, outside industries and even your inner circle, it can be difficult to really home in on how you want to build your unique brand without allowing a little “noise” to pull you away from where you truly feel called. You don’t want a watered down message that falls flat. This year, let’s cut out some of the noise to find your brand’s vision and voice by embracing the below everyday tips.

Look at your business from the outside in.

Most days you’re working in your business from the inside, running the day to day, creating marketing, finalizing pricing and offers, client communications and more. What if you stopped for a moment to see your business the way your customers do? A simple way to go deeper with your vision for your business is to interact with your brand the way an outsider would. Scroll your own website, follow yourself on social media, fill out your contact forms, go through your consultation or loyalty process. See how your messaging all fits together and the story and overall journey you’re taking potential customers on. What falls short? What opportunities do you see? Where can you choose to add more of your personality and voice to create something special that stands out from the crowd? This really will allow you to have a better, more cohesive understanding of your brand.

Understand your triggers of influence.

You may find yourself easily influenced by outside opinions – there is a very human tendency to have our thoughts and ideas affected by others. Sometimes it’s something that we’ve decided to do in our business and we share it with someone and moments later we’re questioning our decision. The same could be said about scrolling Facebook – one moment you’re confident and the next you’re not. Eliminating what causes comparison based on what your feelings are telling you is an important tool. Certainly, this is easier said than done but most definitely worth the effort. It’s impossible to cut out everything that causes you to compare your business or yourself. What’s important, however, is to stand your ground when you know something isn’t good for your mindset. This will look very different for every person. Give yourself permission to not attend a specific function, to unfollow specific accounts on social media, to stop being friends with someone that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself or your choices.

Embrace change and child-like creativity.

There is something special about watching a young child create artwork or build a tower of blocks. They simply get started without always having a whole plan in front of them. There may be mess ups and miscalculations but they are wholly absorbed in what they are creating. In your business, embrace that same child-like creativity to play with your words, messaging, visuals and every other part of your brand’s story.  Write out a “brain dump” list of words or phrases that describe or feel like your brand, without worrying about what sounds right or wrong. Allow what you’re feeling drawn to now, to differentiate from where you are. Brands are meant to change and be fluid in certain seasons the same way we grow and evolve as people.

Hustle & Heart Challenge

This month, think about your ideal audience and all the ways your business serves them. Think about how your brand’s voice speaks to them throughout every touchpoint in your business. Where is there an opportunity to elevate your vision and tweak your voice to showcase this and reach that audience this year with higher impact?


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