Hustle & Heart: Girl, Show Your Face: 3 Steps to Overcome Fear and Embrace Being the Face of Your Business


Listen, I get it. You don’t love being in the spotlight. You didn’t start a business around “you,” you started it based on your passion and opportunity to share it with others while making money.

So, why is there so much pressure to be present on social media apps like Instagram and Facebook? Surely you can continue to just share photos and videos of your product and services without having to show your face, right?

While you may have thought I’d say you were wrong, you’re not.

You can absolutely continue to hide behind what you sell without showing up in front of the camera but I promise you it’s going to come at a cost. That following you’re working so hard to grow and that loyal customer base you crave wants to find connection with the businesses they buy from and follow. As human beings we connect and build trust with other human beings.

Learning how to show up more in your business and let people see you as the face of your brand is more than a vanity thing, it’s a smart business move.

If you’re struggling to get on board and want to overcome the fear of showing your face more, here are a few key tips to get you there.

#1 Stop Telling Yourself You Don’t Fit the Mold

There are so many insecurities that women have that hold them back from posting photos of themselves or recording an Instagram story for their business. The reasons can range from feeling too old or too young or wondering if they aren’t attractive enough, not interesting enough or not talented enough. The problem is that they assume everyone else fits the mold and deserves to claim that online space while they are meant to stay in the shadows. Whatever you are struggling with that’s keeping you from showing up more, it’s important to tear down your own narrative by identifying how false it is. Certain industries may want us to think that the world wants “perfect” people or businesses but the truth is, the world wants authenticity.

#2 Find What Works for You. Don’t Try to Show Up As Someone Else.

It’s easy to get caught up in comparison when you’re scrolling social media every day, even in the name of research. Rather than feel you have to match the energy or style of another brand in order to be successful, ask yourself what comes naturally to you. If talking on camera unscripted and on the spot for an Instagram story makes you want to toss your cookies, maybe that’s not for you. Instead, would you be better at sharing some teaching points on a subject you know your audience would find valuable? Can’t imagine dancing or pointing for a video even though you see others doing it? Create content that highlights who you are in a way that feels good for you instead. Don’t try to be someone else!

#3 Practice Makes Improvement. Keep Going.

One of the many struggles small business owners face is holding onto their ideas and working too long, waiting for perfection. If you are holding off on showing your face in your business until you feel 100% comfortable it’s never going to happen. You have to take small steps to put yourself out there and the more consistent you are doing it, the easier it will become. The goal isn’t to show up perfectly, it’s to improve each time. It’s about being brave and sharing yourself and your business in order to connect and build trust as a brand with your audience by showing up authentically and consistently. You don’t have to go all in, just go a little in at first to get your feet wet and level up as it feels right!



Hustle & Heart Challenge

This month take a step back and ask yourself what’s been holding you back from showing up more in your business. Really try to identify the source so you can reason with yourself and remind yourself what lies you may be telling yourself so you can move forward. Give yourself the challenge to show up once per week this month on social media in whatever capacity you want as long as you show your face to your audience!


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