Camel City Canines: Fine-Tuned Care and Grooming for Your Fur Baby


Leaving town for a few days to forget your worries and responsibilities and looking to leave your furry friend at home? Finding available pet care and leaving your pets at home while you go on your next adventure can be a daunting task. For those in search of a trustworthy animal lover to tend to your fur baby while you’re away, leave your best friend in the capable hands of Camel City Canines.

While doggy daycares and pet boarding options abound, in-home pet care in the Triad is few and far between. Luckily, Monika Zakamarek, owner and operator of Camel City Canines, offers thorough care and quality time for pets of all shapes and sizes. While Monika’s most frequent clients are dogs and cats, she tends to animals of all kinds. Just to name a few, Monika has experience in caring for horses, alpacas, snakes, pigeons, bearded dragons, and even snails – just no insects (for now, at least).

Hiring Camel City Canines for in-home pet care is a step above boarding your animals at your local veterinary hospital or dropping your pooch off at a posh resort for the week. But it is not solely attributable to the benefit of Monika’s vast experience and lengthy list of happy clients. In addition to her impressive history in animal care, Monika truly cares about the wellbeing of every animal she encounters. Although she does not currently offer training services, she is dedicated to maintaining the progress of your pet’s training regimen while you’re away – another hot commodity when it comes to snagging reliable pet care for your pooch.

To Monika, animals are not simply transactions. In fact, she believes pet care incorporates not only quality time, but also proper grooming and hygiene. Camel City Canines offers in-home dog-grooming services, providing basic cuts, nail trims, baths, brushings, flea treatments and more. Although Monika does not offer high-fashion grooming services, your pup will still leave Monika’s care looking fresher than ever. Providing your dogs with in-home grooming prevents anxious pets or those with compromised immune systems the luxury of undergoing specialized grooming treatments without leaving their comfort zones. Don’t have time to stick around for your dog’s in-home grooming session? Camel City Canines provides grooming services with or without owners present, providing owners with flexible and convenient scheduling options.

In order to ensure that Camel City Canines provides the most thorough and specialized services possible, Monika requires that her clients arrange a meet-and-greet prior to their extended time away. Camel City Canines is ideal for animals that struggle with separation anxiety or for animals born or adopted during the pandemic. Especially for COVID-era animals, no longer having their owners home for hours or days at a time can initially cause them severe distress. To minimize your pet’s separation anxiety, Monika is able to visit anxiety-prone pets in small doses while the owners are present to allow the pet to become better acclimated with her in a safe environment. Additionally, for anxious animals struggling to adjust to their owners’ return to the office, Monika suggests gradually leaving animals at home in hourly increments leading up to the eventual return to a 9-5 schedule away from home.

Ready to leave your four-legged friend in the trusted arms of Camel City Canines? Monika’s services are in popular demand, so don’t wait to book. Visit to learn more about what Monika has to offer your pet and household. For scheduling inquiries and additional questions, email Monika at, or call 336-425-7006 for more information.

To keep up with Camel City Canines, visit the website and Facebook page, and follow @camelcitycanines on Instagram. To hear Monika live in action, tune into Apple Podcasts or Spotify to listen to Monika’s episode on the Forsyth Magazines Podcast.


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