Hey Girl, What’s Your Color?

What would this world be without color? What would it be without diverse personalities? Is it odd to believe that different colors carry certain personalities? How often do we stop and think what our favorite color says about us? Let’s go down the rainbow and the colors in between!

Red is the color of pride, love, and excitement. Those who love red have a zest for life and are very outgoing. Although they tend to have a quick temper, they are assertive, directive, driven, and passionate.

Orange is a secondary color composed of red and yellow. Interestingly, those who like orange may have a balance of qualities that are associated with both colors: the boldness of red and the cheerfulness of yellow! Because of this unique blend of traits, oranges are skilled at socializing and can bring two different groups of people together, thus, perhaps, making you an ideal party hostess!

Yellow is the color of cheerfulness and optimism. Yellow lovers radiate positivity and have a “sunny” disposition. They are drawn to creativity and have a head full of creative ideas but may have trouble bringing those ideas into fruition. Despite that, they are very intellectual, love to learn and share their knowledge with others.

Green is the color of balance and stability. Those who love green have a love for nature and peaceful environments. They are loyal, frank, down to earth, affectionate and are normally aware of what others think of them. They are very practical, with high morals and love being an active part of the community.

Blue embodies trust and responsibility. Blue lovers value harmony and balance and are very sensitive to others, putting them before themselves. They have a need for stability in every aspect of their lives and are very reliable as friends and partners. People who love blue are also very genuine and sincere and have a calming energy about them.

Navy blue is a very rare favorite, but likely holds characteristics such as importance, power, confidence, authority, intelligence, stability, and unity!

Pink lovers crave unconditional love and are very nurturing. They are also very feminine and have a silly side.

Purple or violet is known to be the color of royalty! Purple lovers are very artistic, intuitive, and unique with an intense need for spirituality in their lives. They are gentle souls who are compassionate, imaginative, very understanding of others, and admire depth and meaning. They defy conventions and have their own way of doing things and tend to be creative problem solvers. These people are generally introverted with a peaceful air about themselves.

Black is all about prestige and power. Those who love this obscure color can also be very mysterious and private and may refuse to let people in on their lives. They may also have a cold exterior for this reason and may protect themselves from any hurt or harm from others. Nevertheless, black is also associated with elegance and sophistication.

White is associated with logic and organization. It also represents purity and Heaven. People who admire white love cleanliness and order and tend to be perfectionists. They love the idea of wholesomeness, tend to display an ethereal or angelic quality, and love seeing things to completion.

Gray is a neutral color often associated with wisdom. Because it is right between black and white, it can be associated with indecisiveness or neutrality. People who like this color may be emotionally aloof, quiet, reserved, impartial, and compromising.

Silver lovers are emotional, sensitive, reflective, and mysterious. They are forward-thinking people with an eye for the future. Because they are so future-oriented, silver lovers are willing to shake off their past hurts and issues that may block them from moving forward. This helps them take advantage of open doors that will take them further. Silver is also associated with clairvoyance and intuition and will “reflect” back any energy given to them, whether positive or negative.

Gold is associated with triumph, success, and achievement. People who favor gold are extremely unique and charismatic. They attract many friends and make people feel good about themselves. They appreciate the finer things in life and strive for material wealth. They desire to lead a life of abundance, sophistication, elegance, and luxury.



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