Helping Women Unleash Their Superpower From Behind the Lens


Crafting a career around capturing women who own their power and profession is exactly what local brand photographer Jodie Brim has become known for in her business over the past nine years.  Jodie Brim Creative has built a reputation of one-of-a-kind brand photography and videography experiences that standout not only because of the end result, but in every single step of the client’s journey.

Jodie Brim Creative transforms photoshoots into one-of-a-kind experiences allowing clients to show up and shine as their brightest, boldest selves. “We capture your power, purpose and expertise,” says Jodie. “Our clients are incredible women who are at the place in their journey where they have stepped into the specialists that they are, they own who they are here to serve and know how they want to show up in the world.  We get the privilege to create an environment that helps them unleash that power during a photoshoot and capture brand photos and videography that truly represents each woman’s unique story.” And better visuals through pictures and videos usually lead to better brand recognition and better revenue.



An Energized Perspective

Jodie knows that for any successful shoot, it’s all about the type of energy and direction a client receives. Her own superpower shows up in a big way during photoshoots, helping her clients feel comfortable being true to themselves during their brand experience – to be silly, to be powerful, to be exactly who they really are.  Working with realtors, therapists, attorneys, business and life coaches, beauty industry professionals and a plethora of other product and service providers who are looking to rebrand or upscale their brand, Jodie Brim Creative gives a business that special, memorable look it needs for a positive marketable innovation or adjustment.

Even those getting ready to launch a new product or simply stepping into a new chapter in their business can benefit from the purposeful, well-designed photoshoots and videography sessions available from Jodie Brim Creative.  She offers photos and videos showcasing each piece of a business’s brand and allows business owners the freedom to transform their photos into standout content for social media, websites, podcasts, group coaching programs, marketing collateral and anything else they want to holistically share their story.

“When I first started my business I felt led to work with women from all walks of life and help them discover what makes them special,” Jodie shared. “It’s been amazing to watch as my business has transformed over the years to serve women who show up powerfully for themselves, for their business, their families, their clients – and be able to be part of that journey.”



In Focus: Your Superpower

“I’ve always been called Mama Jodie, even in college. My friends always recognized me as an old soul” Jodie laughed. “Sometimes figuring out what makes you different is how you discover your own superpower and I think that’s how I found mine honestly.”

Throughout Jodie’s personal and professional journey as a leader, she encountered experiences that helped shape not only how she lives her life but how she chooses to run her business. “When I was only twenty-five I was promoted to Director of Operations at the corporate company I worked for which made me not only the youngest in a leadership role but also a woman, and a black woman at that. Being black and being female in Knoxville, Tennessee, is an experience – and one that truly shaped me and helped me grow up faster. I got a lot of “Wait, you’re the director?””

Unfortunately, those moments sprinkled throughout her experience as a young female leader aren’t unique for women. “The truth is, many women don’t feel the freedom to unleash their own superpower in every environment because of experiences just like what I’ve shared. That level of freedom and self expression gets hindered somewhere along the way, and my team and I know it’s our job to empower women of all walks of life to show up for themselves and their brands.”



Picture THIS Dream Team

“My mom has been my mentor in business and in my life. She was a Corporate Director of Employee Relation and Diversity & Inclusion in Human Resources over several regions and she taught me at a young age how to navigate situations and personalities. Learning those skills helped me conquer a lot of things but honestly, made the biggest impact on how I built my team. When hiring team members, I learned to choose the people I knew had strengths different from my own, but still cared deeply for people the same way I did. This is what makes my team so special. We all operate in our own gifts and it allows us to serve the women in our business powerfully.” 

Collectively, Jodie’s team creates a rockstar experience throughout each touchpoint the client has, with each team member being an integral piece of the puzzle.  “Our team Creative Director, Fashion Stylist, and Producer, Raysa has an amazing gift of servitude and hospitality. She makes you feel like the only person in the room. From the overall concept, outfits, to the set to props, clients constantly say Raysa makes them feel like a celebrity! Amber is our Videographer, who helps you craft and really tell your story in a natural way that creates power in your purpose! Jen is our Operations Manager, and she keeps everything flowing and going smoothly with so much attention to detail. She gives the client all the assurance that they can trust us with everything from A to Z!

Our Team Videographer, Sera is also the Studio Coordinator who makes sure everything “backstage” leading up to the big day is ready! From making sure the studio is set to preparing snacks and all the magic that happens behind the scenes! We also have our Associate Photographer, Briana, who is the ultimate hype woman providing headshots as a separate service with the most contagious energy. Even our hair stylist, Yasmine Nicole and makeup artist, Jai, are so much more than just making someone look good. They are the first point of contact a client has and they do a beautiful job calming nerves, pumping them up and genuinely caring for them. It sets the tone for the whole experience!



A Zoom Lens Feeling

“Our goal is to build genuine relationships with each woman and create an environment that feels casual, and non-intimidating like some photoshoots can feel. The energy on set or when we’re off on location literally flows from this place of familiarity, like when you’re around the people in your life that you can 100% be yourself around,” Jodie shared.

“I love being a photographer and am so grateful for this talent, but I really see my God-given gift as getting people to feel valued. Being able to use those talents together to help women unleash their best selves in front of my camera so I can give them what they need to keep growing is something I’m wildly blessed to experience. That’s when I see the biggest transformations happen during a photoshoot, when I get these women behind the camera and they feel empowered to be themselves and be truly free to shine. There is nothing else like it!”

Once the cameras are shuttered and the video camera turned off, another transformation often occurs: an increase in revenue. Use of the photos and videos in marketing and social media lead to an increase in revenue because you are conveying your brand’s messaging better through your visuals (photos and  videos). Overall, the transformation is growth emotionally through confidence and growth in your revenue.

There is a Maya Angelou quote that has stuck with me my whole life that says, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” My mission is to have her words flow into how I live my life and every aspect of my business each and every day.”

For more information on Jodie Brim Creative you can head over to and follow along on Instagram @jodiebrim.  Jodie and her team are currently booking for Spring 2022 and would love to help you lean into your superpower and create a one of a kind brand experience!



“I’m still on cloud 9! Yesterday’s experience was so much more to me than a “brand shoot” … you and your team gave me this newfound confidence as a woman (first) and then as a wife, mom and entrepreneur. What you guys gave me is PRICELESS and I will remember this day for eternity. Thank you for being an obedient child of God and for following your calling, you’ve changed my life and I’m so thankful our paths have crossed.”

–       Pamela Wedding Planner, Aisle Say Yes


Jodie created niche photos that I would have never thought to use or create! Photos with my computer, podcast equipment, etc. She has a professional eye for what is needed to captivate attention on media and is able to demonstrate the multi-dimensions of my brand and personality. We did $240k in sales the month we used her photos!

–       Melissa Henault Business Coach, The LinkedIn Method Academy



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