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“This practice is a model for what medical practices should be but often are not.  Dr. Nichols is attentive, communicative, technically very proficient, and fun to talk to.”  ~James B.

In October 2021, Dr. Anna Nichols took a leap of faith and opened her own private practice, specializing in hearing and audiology.  After ten years in the field, Anna was eager to apply her experience to a model that is designed to serve her patients best and give them the opportunity to utilize their sense of hearing.  With the motto “Hear Well, Live Well,” the doctor and her team work and live by the commitment that improvements to hearing can greatly impact one’s overall quality of life.

“I have worn hearing aids for many years and had begun to believe I was destined to a life of hearing only half of what was going on.  Dr. Nichols changed that.  Her technical knowledge and expertise addressed my issues like no one else ever had.  Now hearing problems no longer dominate my daily life.  I am so grateful to Dr. Nichols and her kind staff.”  ~Flo W.

“After a decade of experience, it still breaks my heart to see how some people struggle with hearing difficulties,” shared Anna.  “It affects everything – from their ability to work, family dynamics, relationships, and more.  And while some hearing losses are permanent, the technology and resources we have today can make a huge difference on our patients.  We believe when you hear well, you can enjoy life more.  We don’t want anyone to feel excluded from conversations with their friends and loved ones because of hearing challenges, especially when we have so many options that can readily and easily correct those situations.”

“Dr. Nichols and her staff are amazing!  From my very first visit to present, she ALWAYS takes her time with me and is so very thorough.  I’m very happy I found her.  I would highly recommend her.  At 58, I had fought my hearing loss as long as I could.  Now I can’t imagine life without my new hearing devices!  Such a blessing!”  ~Jane S.

Dr. Anna Nichols and her team specialize in offering personalized service.  “We create personalized treatment plans that are unique to every patient.  This is so much more than a diagnosis – our practice is designed to work with individuals whether we are correcting a problem or proactively protecting one from developing a problem later!  For instance, we have students from the School of the Arts who come to us for help with in-ears [a type of headphone known as “IEMs” or “in-ears,” commonly used by live performers], and protection from possible hearing issues that may come from decades of exposure to loud sounds.  We also work with those struggling with tinnitus and occupational or genetic hearing loss.  Whatever the reason we’re seeing a patient, we enjoy getting to know them, hearing their stories, and getting to know their families.  It’s a long-term relationship.”

With that said, Anna encourages people to maintain good hearing health, even if they may not be experiencing issues.  “Just like other health issues, some problems creep up on us without even noticing until things have become serious. We believe there are five key reasons to have your hearing tested!”

  1. A hearing test is painless and will take less than an hour of your time. 

A hearing test is conducted in a sound-proof room.  While wearing headphones, Anna and her team will play various pitches and sounds at different volumes.  Then, just as you choose “Better 1, Better 2” at the eye doctor, patients respond according to the sound.  It’s a non-invasive, easy way to ensure your hearing is functioning properly.

  1. Most insurance plans cover one hearing test per year.

Every insurance policy is different, but many plans cover the cost of an annual hearing test.  At any rate, an office visit to Nichols Hearing and Audiology is affordable for the out-of-pocket peace of mind that comes from a hearing test!

  1. Hearing tests may help detect other health concerns before they become problems.

Various issues can include minor things like allergies, head colds, or impacted earwax that contribute to hearing problems.  But more serious issues, including vertigo, cardiovascular problems, and other chronic diseases can be identified through hearing screenings.  Additionally, those who have experienced any kind of head injury should have a hearing test as cranial injuries can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss.

  1. Being proactive about your hearing health today can reap long-term benefits tomorrow and in years to come.

Hearing loss generally occurs gradually.  So being proactive today can help inform gradual changes and help Anna and her team diagnose changes in hearing before things become more serious problems.

  1. People are five times more likely to develop dementia and other cognitive diseases from untreated hearing loss.

Brain scans consistently demonstrate that hearing loss results in a faster rate of atrophy in the brain.  In addition, hearing loss adds to social isolation, which also leads to cognitive decline.

Dr. Anna Nichols continued to explain, “Some of the early warning signs of hearing loss include muffled sounds; difficulty understanding words, especially when there is heavy background noise; frequently asking others to repeat themselves; or a constant need to increase the volume on the radio or television.

“The great news: technology today is amazing.  Hearing aids are incredibly sophisticated and can be connected to smartphones through Bluetooth technology.  They are user-friendly and convenient for anyone of any age.  Plus, the technology doesn’t have to be cumbersome.  Hearing aids are very small and subtle these days, making patients who wear them feel far less self-conscious about them.”

At Nichols Hearing and Audiology, patients can feel heard.  Literally and figuratively.  Anna and her team value their patients.  They want them to feel comfortable and confident that there are solutions for their individual needs.

Nichols Hearing and Audiology is located at 3640 Westgate Center Circle, Suite B, in Winston-Salem.  Call the office at 336.842.3437.  Visit NicholsHearingandAudiology.com.  Be sure to like the practice on Facebook and follow on Instagram (@nicholshearingandaudiology).

Read more from other happy patients!

“Dr. Nichols has been an amazing doctor to work with.  Anytime I call with a problem, she is always willing to help.  She has also helped some of my family and friends with their hearing.  I would highly recommend Dr. Nichols.”  ~Katrina P.

“Dr. Nichols has been my audiologist for eight years when I got my first aids that interfaced with the iPhone.  Near the end of the three-year warranty period, she had them sent for refurbishment.  They lasted another four years.  As that pair showed signs of wearing out, I talked with her about an upgrade.  She convinced me that I would find that the new technology would give me a significant boost in my hearing.  With the Oticon More aids, I noticed a significant improvement in speech clarity as well as the ability of the innovative deep neural network technology to dampen sounds in noisy environments that had been particularly difficult for me.  Dr. Nichols follows best practices and works hard at programming the aids to get the maximum benefit.  She is professionally competent and always attentive to my audiology concerns.”  ~Gary I.

“Dr. Nichols and her staff were so helpful and very caring about my hearing problems.  She gave my hearing a very thorough examination and will continue to make sure that the right decisions are made so that hearing doesn’t interfere with my everyday life!  I am glad that I chose her to be part of the team that provides my health care!”  ~James W.

“I have gotten custom earplugs and hearing aids from Dr. Nichols and have been a client of hers for the last four years.  She and her staff are very responsive when I want to make an appointment.  Dr. Nichols is very professional and listens well.  Highly recommend this practice.”  ~Mark B.


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