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Over the last couple of years, I had heard nothing but praise for Bobby Boy Bakeshop’s coffee and pastries, more specifically their croissants, so I was determined to find out for myself whether Bobby Boy’s baked goods lived up to the hype. I wandered into the bakeshop on a Saturday morning at around 10:00, and was taken aback by how bustling and lively the bakery was. I had every intention of ordering a croissant, but I was stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the classic morning bun sitting pretty behind the glass, with its vanilla-orange sugar crystals calling my name. While savoring my morning bun and a perfectly frothed cappuccino, served by an exceptionally friendly and accommodating staff, I no longer had to wonder how Bobby Boy Bakeshop earned its stellar reputation among Winston-Salem locals.

I had the pleasure of getting to know more about Bobby Boy Bakeshop after speaking with co-owner Lucia Bobby, who shares the bakeshop with her husband John Bobby. After learning about the pair’s extensive culinary and pastry chef experience, and zest for the industry (not to be confused with orange zest, which was a phenomenal touch to the morning bun I devoured), it’s no wonder that Bobby Boy Bakeshop has become such a local dynamo in such a short amount of time.

Open since 2019, Bobby Boy Bakeshop offers a stunning selection of artisan sweets, high-quality coffee and craft sodas, and savory lunch sandwiches and entrees for later risers. According to Lucia, the key to maintaining Bobby Boy’s upper echelon of baked goods is ensuring that they find the best local ingredients, the most enthusiastic staff members, and focus on building a satisfied and loyal customer base. By adding seasonal items to the menu, die-hard bakeshop fans can switch up their orders as the weather changes. This spring, expect to see a return of Bobby Boy’s beloved strawberry lemonade, made with fresh strawberries from the bakeshop’s nearby neighbor Crossnoor School & Children’s Home. Keep your eyes peeled for menu items featuring flavors with berries and hints of floral, with refreshing craft sodas catching the eyes of those wishing to escape the late springtime heat.

In John Bobby’s extensive career as an executive chef, he perfected the art of paying attention to small details when it comes to creating customer favorites. What may seem like minute details to some are what sets Bobby Boy’s baked goods and menu items apart from run-of-the-mill chain restaurants and coffee shops. Even the bacon and sausage used in breakfast quiches at the bakeshop are locally sourced and cured in-house. Lucia’s expertise thrives in the art of pastry-making, with her training in master classes under top-of-the-line pastry chefs to thank for fine-tuning her talents.

John and Lucia had a whirlwind young romance that quickly progressed into attending culinary school together at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Orlando, Florida. After graduating, they gained 18 years of diverse experience in the restaurant and culinary industry, soaking up every bit of knowledge and new skills that they could sink their hands into. When they moved back home to the Triad to be closer to family, they established Bobby Boy Bakeshop on Reynolda Road in Winston-Salem.

Bobby Boy takes solace in knowing that they produce quality products for their customers, and enjoy seeing the space fill up with families, regulars, and new faces daily. On Saturdays, the bakeshop is exceptionally popular among families, which has allowed John and Lucia to get to know their customer base on a personal level. By taking into consideration their own tastes and preferences, John and Lucia are able to create a menu that appeals to customers of all backgrounds.

The bakeshop’s charming location just outside of West End in Buena Vista, in addition to sharing its space with Caviste, owned by Russ and Alice Anderson, make Bobby Boy a hot commodity enticing enough to wake up early for. Customers enjoy sipping coffee on their walk home, on the shared back patio, and while tending to their furry friends. In fact, Bobby Boy incorporated 15-minute dog parking spaces for dog owners to make a pit-stop for coffee during much-needed walks with their pooch. John also tends to the bakeshop’s garden of mint, basil, and edible flowers that are incorporated into the bakeshop’s recipes. Families with small children enjoy the park-like atmosphere outside the shop, allowing parents to rest as children run the bakeshop’s sweets right out of their system.

In the future, John and Lucia strive to continue producing high-quality customer favorites, but refuse to become complacent. If you haven’t stopped by Bobby Boy Bakeshop yet, you’re truly missing out on one of the Triad’s local gems. Visit John, Lucia, and the Bobby Boy team at 1100 Reynolda Rd, and check out the bakeshop online To stay up-to-date on the latest menu items and offerings at Bobby Boy Bakeshop, follow @bobbyboybakeshop on Instagram and Facebook.


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