Haunted Carolina Places to Visit

North Carolina is a state rich in history, with countless fascinating stories that go back to colonial times. However, not all the stories end happily. Numerous anecdotes end with mystery and some with murder. Many haunted locations are within driving distance from Winston-Salem. With fall season in full swing, and Halloween right around the corner, plan a trip to view one or all of these terrifying yet enthralling sites. Let’s learn about a few of the most haunted North Carolina locations and begin planning a spooktacular trip today!

Haunted Site #1: Teach’s Hole, Ocracoke Island, NC— This location requires you to plan a weekend trip, as it is in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. However, this site is easily one of the most haunted locations to visit. Plus, the pirate enthusiasts will love the story that comes with Teach’s Hole. According to the Thrillist article, “The Most Haunted Places in All of North Carolina,” by Erin Breeden, Teach’s Hole is a small cove located on Ocracoke Island, named after Edward Teach, aka “Blackbird.” In 1718, this was the final location, where Teach was captured, and beheaded. Rumor has it that to this day, his headless body can be seen walking the beach at night, looking to reunite with his missing head.


Haunted Site #2: The Devil’s Tramping Grounds, Siler City, NC– The title of this location is shocking enough! Our next stop is a short 56-minute drive from downtown Winston-Salem. The site itself is a foot-wide bare path forming a perfect circle forty feet in diameter. What is scary about this path, is the legend that follows it. According to the article, “10 hair-raising haunted destinations for North Carolina travelers,” by Todd Wetherington, “Regional legend supports that Satan frequents the area on his nightly walks, pacing the circle as he contemplates his nefarious deeds.” Normal vegetation surrounds the circle, but only a wiry grass grows inside it, with no vegetation found on the path itself. Many visitors claim to also see red glowing eyes in the circle, especially at nightfall.


Haunted Site #3: The Mayo House, Tarboro, NC – For a visit to the Mayo House, be prepared for another short road trip, manageable within a days’ time. (Tarboro is a 2 hour and 40-minute drive from Winston.) Regional accounts maintain that the house was owned by the respected Mayo Family. One night, Mr. Mayo completely snapped. In a fit of rage, he murdered his entire family, including the family dog. Afterwards, Mayo hanged himself from a noose off one of the rafters. Visitors claim, upon arriving you are welcomed by a dog in the front yard, who will chase you to the porch. Once there, the entire family will beckon you to come inside. Should you dare go inside, the door will slam shut behind you, and suddenly the family vanishes. The only thing left now is the sound of an old noose, swinging above your head.


Haunted Site #4: Lydia’s Bridge, Greensboro, NC—One of the closest locations from Winston-Salem to visit is Lydia’s Bridge. Legend maintains that if you drive down US 70-A, in Greensboro, you will pass a sweeping curve which will lead to an overgrown underpass. It is by this underpass that many drivers claim to see a young woman in a white evening dress. This underpass is “Lydia’s Bridge.” According to Breeden, “Over the years, many drivers have claimed to give her a ride, and every time the story is the same.” Lydia climbs into the back seat of the car and talks about a dance she just attended. “She gives an address not too far away and for the rest of the ride stays quiet but looks concerned.” Once the driver stops to let her out, she is gone. Legend supports that Lydia died in a car crash on her way home from a high-school dance, and her grief-stricken mother never left the house after. They say she stayed in every night until she died, waiting for her daughter to come back home.


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