Gulf War and All Era Veterans Enjoy Coffee Meetings in Hopes of Supporting one another.

Support Services and programs for veterans can be hard to find or, at least, hard to attend. Some veterans need support but may be too afraid or embarrassed to ask for it, while others simply don’t know where and when these opportunities exist. Nike Roach M.S. from Sixth Sense Health and Wellness Center and retired Marine Jesse Almanza found inspiration through Vietnam War Veteran Don Timmons of Trellis Supportive Care, to host an educational coffee meeting to support Gulf War Era veterans. This riveting meeting aims to benefit veterans that are fulltime employed, going to school and spending time with family daily. Providing them with an outlet to address essential issues, such as Gulf War Syndrome. Identifying resources to obtain information regarding their earned disability ratings. Several Gulf War Era veterans are considered part of the “Forgotten War,” and do not receive ample support, which leads to isolation.

Feeling alone can be very common among veterans, and while veterans’ issues are typically at the forefront during an election year, those who would benefit greatly from added services and benefits seem to still be waiting for any real change to be made.

Gulf War Era veterans, unlike many Vietnam War era veterans, are parents juggling stressful career ambitions while also raising school-aged children. It is very challenging for them to find enough time to seek guidance and support from like-minded members of the community, who share a mutual sense of respect and understanding. Events held by other organizations, such as the American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, and even Military Lodges, attract veterans who are retired and may not be employed during business hours, This makes it challenging for working veterans to attend. There is a dire gap in the community, excluding busy veterans due to a lack of flexibility, which hinders their attendance and valuable contribution to society. Their inclusion is beneficial and necessary to ensure long-term wellbeing.

All veterans will need to re-enter society in a professional way and feeling alone can lead to less success in the workplace and added stress in the home. Simply finding a group for support on a regular basis can make a massive difference in the everyday lives of these veterans.

These often-therapeutic coffee meetings aim to provide a friendly and comfortable environment for veterans. Veterans attending these coffee meets will also gain knowledge and share insights regarding events out of Congress, The U.S. President and the Veterans Administration.

A friendlier environment while meeting for a coffee has proven potential for supportive comradeship while increasing community involvement. The ongoing coffee meetings will help beat loneliness, isolation and depression. The events are held on the second Saturday of each month at:

New Beginnings Church located at 4555 Shattalon Drive from 8:30-10:30am.

For more information, visit the website at



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