Be Our Guest Tips on Creating a Welcoming Space Your Guests Will Love

Who doesn’t love a home away from home? As the holiday season sweeps in, many families will begin making plans to welcome overnight and out-of-town guests into their homes. Whether it’s close friends or family members coming to stay, it’s nice to create a welcoming space that makes them feel comfortable. Here are some simple tips and inexpensive touches that can make your home not only impressive to your guests, but a space they will appreciate and love.

Make Them Feel Welcome

More often than not, overnight guests or those staying a prolonged time have been arranged with advanced notice, therefore, make sure to create their accommodations ahead of time, too. You don’t want to make them feel like an inconvenience by first moving things around your home to make room for them once they arrive. Thinking about simple things like the number of people coming and how much luggage they may be bringing can help you make arrangements. Asking your guests what kind of dietary restrictions they have or what type of coffee or tea they like ahead of time to keep in the house also ensures they feel welcome.

Add Small Comforts

Whether you have a guest room with a bed or are offering a pull-out couch, be sure to have freshly cleaned sheets ready for your new arrival. A seasonal candle with some matches nearby or a soft throw blanket draped across a chair are simple ways to make a space feel more welcoming. Additionally, you can create a drawer or a container of items that may come in handy that your guests may forget at home. Ideas can include travel sized toiletries left from a hotel stay, over-the-counter medicine, grooming items and even a nice new pair of slipper socks.

Provide All Need- to-Know Info Upfront

If you have pets, let your guests know ahead of time. Keep some Benadryl or Claritin nearby in the event your guest has allergies to your furry friend. If you have a dog or cat that tends to shed a lot, keeping a lint brush available will be appreciated. Do you have a home alarm they need to be made aware of? Provide a guest code if they will be coming and going from the home without you, and make sure they know how to access the alarm. Of course, who could forget the most commonly asked question when guests arrive: “What’s your WiFi password?”  Leaving a small frame or note where they are staying is a much-appreciated gesture.

Give Them a Little Space

We’re not talking about the size of the space in which they are staying, but something pretty important. When you are staying in someone else’s home, no matter how close you may be, people tend to like their privacy. Make sure not to bother your guests by checking in too frequently. Let them know from the beginning that if they need anything, to ask, and remind yourself that they will come to you on their own. If you don’t have a separate guest room, try to still steer clear of the area they are staying and let other family members in the house try to as well.

Remember, while having house guests can be fun it can be a little hectic with more people in the house. Just try to have things put in place ahead of time and enjoy the extra time with your guests and make them feel as welcome as you can.


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