Are you brazen enough to believe God is speaking to YOU right now through my feeble words? He’s talking to YOU, Bold One! God believes “Your future days will be greater than your former days!” I’m not kidding!

Go with me. At one point in history, in which most of God’s People refused to risk their newfound comfort in enemy territory, a brave remnant risked everything to return to the ruins of Jerusalem. They determined to rebuild God’s House, not only in their hearts, but also literally, upon the rubble where it had stood prior to their exile. They prioritized the return to His Presence above all.

They knew the journey, the process, would be difficult and dangerous. Yet they completely underestimated the opposition awaiting them. When the resistance cranked up several notches, what did they do? They did what we often do.

They quit.

Discouragement and fear are two of our greatest obstacles when it comes to completing what we start, aren’t they? Even if we know in our knower that God called us to an assignment, they’ll shut us down before we even realize we’ve gone AWOL.

Discouragement eats away at our motivation; fear paralyzes us, so we either don’t act at all OR continuously react to lesser things.

God was eager to do a new work in His people. New levels of blessing and favor awaited them. He sent His prophet, Haggai, to awaken the Remnant from their spiritual slumber. The Word of the Lord jolted them to action and “…sparked enthusiasm in their hearts.” (Haggai 1:14) They got up and got to it! They feared nothing more than missing God. (LORD, let me fear nothing more than missing YOU!)

God reassured them, “I am with you!” (Haggai 1:13) But as they began giving it all they had, they found their resources and abilities fell short. They could in no way rebuild the grandeur of their former days.

Here’s the thing: God saw His People prioritize what mattered to God’s heart, and He shows us so clearly how He in turn prioritized what mattered to their hearts.

Right in their inadequacy, the LORD came to them with a Word. (When you’ve got a Word from the Lord, IT’S ALL YOU NEED!) He acknowledged that what they could do in the flesh surely seemed inadequate. Then He promised, “If you’ll let ME breathe MY fresh breath upon you, your future glory will be greater than your former. And in this place (in YOU!), I will bring Peace!” (Haggai 2:9)

Friends, these are contentious, even confusing times. Discouragement and fear take root in us before we realize it. But God is calling His Brave Ones to the front lines. Many folks, too preoccupied with lesser things, will refuse the call. Many will hide in a semblance of comfort and miss the assignment. But for those craving a move of God MOST, He beckons us to rebuild something for His Glory among the ruins of our time.

It’s terrifying. We don’t have what it takes. The opposition is brazen and loud. But if we consume ourselves with the One who is the “Repairer of Cities” and the “Restorer of Communities” (Isaiah 58:12), our Great God will do such a work in us that our coming glory will be immensely greater than our former days. He will make us a place of His Peace, His Shalom, amid the mayhem.

Are you in? Can you hear the Word of the LORD beckoning you from the discouragement and fear that seeks to destroy you? Get up! It’s time! He’s calling, and we’re moving!

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