A Fresh Look on Water

Between the hustle of our daily routines and the brittle winter wind, water can sometimes make its way off of our priority list. So, what are some creative ways to drink more water? And why is it essential to drink plenty of water during these brutally cold months? Keep reading to find out.

Fun fact: did you know that most infants are born with body compositions that contain up to 80% water? However, the average adult human body is made up of only 60% water or less. Why is that? Well, simply the fact that fat tissue does not contain as much water as lean tissue.

Now, why is water essential to our health? First, water is the defining factor in forming saliva. As random as it sounds, the benefits are off the charts. Saliva is a key element that signals a healthy body and proper digestion. It keeps your teeth strong, helps you swallow your scrumptious food, prevents unwanted bad breath, as well as contains minerals and proteins that protect tooth enamel. Did you know that the average adult human body produces about 2 to 4 pints of saliva a day? That’s crazy! Second, water helps deliver the much-needed oxygen to all parts of the body. By drinking good ol’ water, your body is transporting wholesome nutrients and oxygen to your cells, as well as picking up any waste material to eliminate through urination. Third, water improves blood circulation that’ll keep your body temperature regular, allowing you to say goodbye to those dry skin spells and unpleasant hot flashes. Don’t forget how good water is for our eye health and many other functions in our body either.

Follow these four simple methods to keep hydrated this winter:

  1. Enhance Your Water Pitcher with Natural Flavors
  • Throw in some tasty and fresh add-ins that will not only make your water pitcher aesthetically-pleasing but, also add nutrients. The most satisfying part is that the longer the fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetable slices relax in the water, the tastier each sip of water will be! Consider adding strawberries, grapefruit, and oranges as a vibrancy. Create festive combinations with thinly sliced veggies, such as ginger, cucumber, and celery. Toss in a few twigs of rosemary, mint, or sage to achieve an intricate taste. For instance, try combining lemon slices, lavender, and cucumber slices to calm anxious nerves. Try out a joyful blend of whole blackberries, basil, and Honeycrisp apple slices as you catch up with friends. Be creative as you play around with exciting (and sometimes questionable!) combinations to toss into your water pitcher!
  1. Invest in Motivation
  • Take a short drive to your favorite retailer to find a stylish water bottle that will motivate you to bring it everywhere you venture. If possible, try to keep that water bottle always filled to the brim and nearby.
  1. Skip Soda, Choose Sparkling
  • Resist the urge to wander to the nearest vending machine for junk food at work or drive-thru windows during your lunch break. Instead, try substituting those sweet drinks with sparkling water. Cure that need for something fizzy by adding a little splash of lime juice or lemon juice into seltzer water.
  1. Eat Foods Rich in Water
  • A sneaky way to consume more water is through your diet. Many tasty foods are rich in water content and can be easily added to your meals. For instance, zucchini is 95% water, cucumbers are 96% water, and grapefruit is 91% water. Although the water percentages may slightly vary depending on the way each crop is grown, the water content remains high enough to make an impact.

Keeping hydrated this winter has just been made even easier through the simplest measures. And trust me, your body will be thanking you!


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