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Sports-related injuries. Pregnancy. Recovery from an accident, illness, or surgery. When the need for durable medical equipment comes home, Forsyth Medical Supply should be your first stop, as it has been for so many for more than five decades.

Brenna Chandler has been managing Forsyth Medical Supply for more than five years. She was instrumental in the design and layout of the company’s current location on Trenwest Drive, which is conveniently located between Winston-Salem’s two hospitals. She also oversees the day-to-day operation of the store.

“Whether it’s an illness, injury, or convalescence, comfort, quality of life, and safety are usually on most people’s minds when a physician prescribes medical equipment,” Brenna says. “We understand that, and we work with every customer to find the products they need for their unique circumstances.”

Often, when medical equipment is required, that need is often sudden, and it is easy to become overwhelmed by the choices that need to be made to care for oneself or a loved one. The in-stock product options and the knowledge of the staff at Forsyth Medical Supply help keep confusion and concern to a minimum.

“Our staff is well-trained in helping take the guesswork out of the medical equipment buying process,” Brenna says. “In many instances, the needs of our customers are of a very personal nature, and we want people to know that, while a condition may seem embarrassing to talk about, there is nothing we haven’t heard.”

“If incontinence products or ostomy supplies are required, then you need those products. We want everyone to feel comfortable asking the tough-to-ask questions about the products they need,” Brenna says.

Why Forsyth Medical Supply Should Be Your First Stop

 The in-stock inventory of medical equipment at Forsyth Medical Supply is unmatched by any other medical equipment provider in the area. From the smallest bandage to an extra-wide hospital bed and everything in between, inventory is impressive, easy to shop, and most items are available to take home.  If need be, it can be delivered.

Common Items People are Prescribed 

There are many reasons why a physician may prescribe medical equipment or medical supplies, and the list of what is regularly available at Forsyth Medical Supply is comprehensive.


  • Custom-fitted compression garments,like hosiery, that help with varicose veins or fluid retention during pregnancy or due to diabetes
  • Hospital beds and comfort-related items
  • Lift chairsthat are available in a variety of sizes and styles
  • Mobility aids, like walkers, knee scooters, crutches, and canes
  • Electric scooters, which are available for purchase or rent
  • Wheelchairs in several widths and weight capacities
  • Ramps that assist in getting up or down one or two steps
  • Bathing and toileting items, including toilet lifts, bath and shower chairs, and support rails
  • Daily living aids
  • Personal care items
  • Ostomy supplies
  • Wound care items
  • Incontinence products 

 “No two people’s needs are the same,” Brenna says. “That’s why we take the time to talk with everyone who walks through the door, so we can be sure they leave with everything they need to care for themselves or their loved one.”


On-line Shopping – But at What Cost? 

While some items can be bought on-line, you lose the personal client/customer interaction that Forsyth Medical Supply provides. “Customers can leave our store with everything we have in stock, and they will also know that the products they have are right for their specific needs,” Brenna says. “For products that need to be assembled, delivered, and set up, we can typically have those in a person’s home within two business days or less.” If you have questions about any equipment, Brenna and her staff can answer quickly – a true benefit when you may not be feeling your best.

Forsyth Medical Supply Files All Product Warranty Paperwork

Smaller, more transportable products can be repaired or serviced at the store by their on-site technician, or they will send a technician to your home to fix any manufacturer-defective parts.

“Our service area covers the Greater Forsyth County area,” Brenna says. “We also repair and service most major brands of medical equipment, so if you bought an item from another retailer or online, we can usually repair it for you. Just give us a call ahead of time to be sure!”

Renting Versus Purchasing

Items like hospital beds, scooters, Hoyer lifts, and lift chairs, are available for rent if the need is only for a short time. And if more expensive items need to be purchased, Forsyth Medical Supply accepts Care Credit. 

“We want our customers to know they have flexibility when it comes to either renting or purchasing more expensive equipment,” Brenna says. “We appreciate that when someone is prescribed medical equipment, it’s not typically a planned purchase. We want to give our customers the renting or purchasing options they need to stay within their budgets as best as we can.”

Largest Selection of Golden Technology Lift Chairs 

Lift Chairs provide a stable way to help you get up and down after resting in your chair. It also saves on caregivers pulling your arms when helping you stand.

Forsyth Medical Supply has the area’s most comprehensive in-stock selection of Golden Technology’s lift chairs.

“Our lift chair selection is designed to accommodate most people’s needs and lifestyles,” Brenna says. “Taller people may have a more specific need than someone with a larger frame, while others may want a style that matches their décor well. We can accommodate most of those needs and have that chair delivered within a day or two if it’s in stock.”

When The Need For Medical Care Comes Home, Forsyth Medical Supply Is Ready To Help

In the age of buying online, there are some things that you will be better off shopping for in person. When you want to see what you’re buying and ask the important questions about products that are prescribed by a physician, visit Forsyth Medical Supply in Winston-Salem.

Their showroom is located at 3033 Trenwest Drive in Winston-Salem, and their store hours are Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. For more information, call 336-768-5512, or visit them online at



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