Five Creative Career Choices You Didn’t Know Existed

When you were a kid, think of how often you were asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

It’s amazing to think of just how many possible answers there were that you didn’t even know you could add to the list! Sure, we’re all familiar with the career options of nurses, teachers, butchers, movie stars and others, but in more recent decades there have been some creative new additions to choose from – some of which you may have never heard of before!

While the list is growing daily as the world gets more creative, here is a roundup of 5 creative career choices you didn’t know existed!

Which one would you have added to the list as a child?

#1 Puppy Party Planner

That’s right, man’s best friend has its own party planner setting out to create pawsitively perfect parties and good boy style soirees! From birthday parties and adoption day celebrations, a puppy party planner takes care of your biggest party dreams for your furry friend. Planning includes dog friendly treats, location, decor and even making sure to include your doggo’s best pals on the guest list so they get their invitation. Not convinced this is a legitimate career choice? Go follow @thebarkdayplanner on Instagram to see Amanda Shaw and all of her “pawty packages” as she serves Houston’s dog parents with the best puppy parties around.

#2 Cuddle Therapist

We are in an age that prioritizes digital connection above physical connection in many ways whether due to convenience or a much deeper change in humanity. The fact is, people still crave human connection and physical touch even when it can’t be found in abundance. Professional cuddlers are the solution! This job helps people struggling through feelings of loneliness, grief, trauma and other feelings that can be made easier with physical touch. “Each professional cuddler is there to listen, comfort, console, encourage, and journey with you throughout every cuddle,” says With flexible hours and the option to choose your clientele, this is a great career for those who enjoy cuddling and conversation.

#3 Food Stylist

Sure, you’ve seen stylists making models look their best to be runway ready during New York Fashion Week but what about a food stylist? For those with a love for the world of culinary and creativity, this career allows them to sink into majestic magazine shoots, exciting TV commercials, culinary contents and more. Finding that perfect layout for a dish, for both film and photography, a food stylist uses their natural eye as well as a plethora of different tools to help make a dish and its ingredients look superb! Getting started can be as simple as starting a food blog or culinary Instagram to use as a portfolio for pitching to larger brands and companies needing styling services.

#4 Ethical Hacker

Not accustomed to seeing the two words “ethical” and “hacking” together? Well, in a world where cyberattacks are front and center of threats made to companies both big and small, ethical hackers play a large role in keeping them safe. This job is in charge of improving security by hacking into websites and different online systems in order to discover where there is weakness and vulnerability to help prevent future attacks. Some of these positions may come from a masters program or certification for ethical hackers, while others get into this specific field through their extensive self-taught computer knowledge.

#5 Online Dating Ghostwriter

Looking for love but can’t quite figure out what to say to stand out? Enter your own personal Cupid copywriter. Online dating ghostwriters take your dating profile and other aspects of the digital dating world off of your plate to help you find the perfect match! This job embodies who you are and how you want to come across to your next big romance by creating the best words to make it happen. They can charge per word or per hour for services and take on setting up your profile and writing everything you need so you don’t feel tongue tied trying to express yourself on your account.


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