Finding Quality Time With Our Kids … How About a Workout?

In our fast-paced world of living, it can be difficult to spend quality time with our teenage kids. What better way to promote a healthy lifestyle, have fun, and spend a few hours a week with your kid than working out together? Instead of watching their kids work out in my athletic performance classes at Wilson Park, I have offered the parents the opportunity to join them. Here are three that took me up on my offer.

Tonia and Quay

Quay is a rising 9th grader at West Forsyth High School who plays football and basketball. He enjoys having his mother work out with him because she motivates him and he enjoys having someone to talk to while he’s working out. Tonia has fun spending time with the kids and doesn’t mind Quay pushing her when she gets tired or wants to stop.

Leigh and Caroline 

Caroline is a rising 10th grader at Davie High School that plays golf and soccer. Caroline likes to poke fun at her mom but is continuously reminded she better not slack off because someone’s watching. It’s also extra motivation to “not let your mom outrun you.” Leigh likes to set an example of taking good care of yourself and working hard. She also realizes she’s on her daughter’s turf and tries not to do anything to embarrass her.

Christine and Megan 

Megan is a rising 10th grader at West Forsyth High School. She plays competitive soccer year round and was a starter on the Titan varsity soccer team. She likes working out with her mom because it makes her more competitive and it gives her no excuses not to do something her mother is doing. Christine likes the competitive nature it brings out, because no kid wants to get beat by their mom. She also enjoys getting to know her daughter’s friends and peer group.



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