Embrace Literacy Through National Read a Book Day


Reading is a hobby many enjoy to unwind and escape reality. During these pandemic days, there is nothing better than curling up with a good cup of tea or alcoholic drink and diving into a great story. While the days feel so uncertain for many of us, reading can be the one constant. An engaging and beautifully written story pleases all and can help those who are struggling with the feelings that come with being quarantined, break free from their gloom. Even if it is only for a bit.

With all this said, one can see why book lovers unite every September 6th, during National Read a Book Day. The national event, created to raise awareness of the importance of literacy, also is the perfect opportunity to set aside a little time to catch up on our “to read” list. While this national celebration’s exact origins are not clear, one thing is for sure – those in the U.S. do enjoy reading! And, for many, this is a welcomed day because 81% of us do not feel we spend as much time reading as we would like.

Some may enjoy this celebration as part of a book club they belong to. The popularity of book clubs among both women and men has been on the rise for many years. However, not many realize that they date back to the 1600s with women’s Bible studies. Thanks to Oprah’s Book Club, reading within a book club has taken a much more social element. The club officially began in 1996, with Oprah recommending one book for viewers to read over the course of a month. During that month, readers could discuss and dissect the plot through questions. By the end of its 15 years, Oprah’s Book Club recommended 70 books, contributing to more than $55 million in sales. The club has also inspired millions to get together to discuss and read new books.

While reading with a book club may be a fun method for some during National Read a Book Day, others may find this a time to do some solo reading and venture out to read something new and fresh. No matter how you decide to embrace reading, it is vital for all to focus on finding the right book. From historical fiction pieces, to memoirs, to dystopian love stories, National Read a Book Day encourages all to embrace literacy.

What are a few ways to enjoy National Read a Book Day? Read on for five fun ways to enjoy reading during this celebration.

Embracing Reading Tip #1: Find the BEST method for your lifestyle. Who says that you have to read a paperback? Audiobooks & E-books are books, too! If you are a busy new mom or a hard-working professional, all of those who are strapped for time can embrace literacy by checking out a new audiobook. Audible.com has thousands of best-selling books, sure to make your late-night nursing or morning commute go by in a flash. Listening is the new reading! If audiobooks are not your thing, e-books is another great method to check out a new book. Do not have time to get to the library? Check out a new book through one of their many platforms, like OverDrive, Hoopla or EBSCO eBooks.

Embracing Reading Tip #2: Keep a steady list going! It is easy to forget a friend’s recommendation, so why not store the books you want to check out immediately? If you have an Amazon account, you can simply put the recommended book in your shopping cart, not buying it until ready. If you use your public library, try adding the book to your queue. There is also always the old-fashioned way, too. Keep a paper list handy to write those new titles down!

Embracing Reading Tip #3: Do not leave home without it! Kindle books are so easy, as you can read your new best-seller from the comfort of your phone! Waiting for your doctor’s appointment? Enjoy this quiet time by reading. Reading a new book is a much better use of time than social media scrolling!

Embracing Reading Tip #4: Read what YOU love. While book clubs are a fantastic way to get friends together to discuss the latest hot book, it is also perfectly fine to want to read what YOU pick out on your own. This said, do not let your friends make you feel embarrassed about wanting to check out a new romance book. If that is what you want to read, do it! Dying to read a new young adult vampire piece? Do it! Reading something you choose is the least guilty pleasure one can have.

Embracing Reading Tip #5: Set the mood. If you enjoy reading at night, make sure to have ample soft lighting, possible light music and even a candle or two. This can help you relax and enjoy what the author has written for you. It is also important to choose a time and place where you are not distracted and can just enjoy your book.


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