Downtown Winston-Salem: The Future

For the past few months, we have looked at the past and present of downtown Winston-Salem. Now, let’s take a trip into the future to see what’s in store for the City of Arts and Innovation.

According to the report Downtown Winston-Salem High-Rise Development Opportunity Sites, “A strong downtown core helps Winston-Salem compete with other communities on a national level” and “a robust downtown core lead to community growth.” Throughout the years, one can easily see the growth of downtown Winston-Salem and how the area has become a favorite among many.

In 2013, the City Council adopted the Legacy 2030 plan. In this plan, a community-driven vision for downtown was mapped out. It stated continued development for the core districts. Some of the goals listed include: attracting young professionals ages 20-35 to the area, creating a supportive environment for families living downtown, and providing residential spaces for “new economy” industries. These industries are high tech, research and designed based and biotech businesses. As the City of the Arts and Innovation, the Legacy 2030 plan wants to accomplish enhancing public art and design throughout the city.

Multiple projects for creating new residential areas, office buildings, and more are scheduled for downtown Winston-Salem. Plans are in the works for renovating the 757 North Apartments on Chestnut Street, Hotel Indigo in the historic Pepper Building, and Bailey Power Plant. In addition, ideas for new restaurants, shops, galleries, and workplaces are being developed, allowing for more people to hopefully gravitate towards the area. Other places with ongoing improvements are the West End Historic District, Northwest Boulevard, North Winston, West Salem, Old Salem, Liberty Street corridor, South Marshall, Happy Hills/College Park, and Southwest Marshall.

The study also explains that the city now has an “increased economic investment in arts and entertainment, architecture, design and preservation, parks and streetscapes, house, and personal service opportunities.” This means you can be on the lookout for new galleries, public art exhibits, shows, and much more.

Lastly, another investment is geared towards making downtown Winston-Salem more “walkable.” After all, who doesn’t love walking through the vibrant streets or the historic cobblestone paths of Old Salem? Bicycling, parking, and public transportation are other key aspects to be improved. Corridors are being established to connect downtown to the rest of the Camel City. Improvements to Business 40 are slotted to begin this upcoming fall. Road construction is set for the Peters Creek Parkway interchange at Business 40 near BB&T Ballpark. Once completed, there will be a seven-lane bridge, new interchange loops, and a roadway from First Street to Fourth Street. After this segment is completed, the next big changes are to Business 40 from Peters Creek Parkway to U.S. 52, and from Main Street to Peters Creek Parkway. As of right now, these areas will reopen in summer of 2020.

Downtown Winston-Salem is a vibrant place that is full of life. Included in the area are multiple restaurants, retail shops, art galleries, parks, and places to live. More buildings are arising each year and the growth of downtown Winston-Salem is unstoppable.

For more information about Legacy 2030 and the plans for Downtown Winston-Salem, visit:


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