Clemmons Corner: Check Out TRU Taekwondo’s Newest Campus in Clemmons

A Triad staple for the last 10 years, TRU Taekwondo strives to serve and nurture others, help students of all ages achieve excellence, and celebrate milestones and the success of its staff and students. Staff members at TRU understand that it’s important to meet its members where they are and grow with students at their own pace. One of TRU’s strong points is its team’s dedication to fostering an environment of trust, understanding, and respect. In fact, the words trust, respect, and understanding are what gave birth to the name TRU itself.

TRU Taekwondo is passionate about serving the community and taking advantage of every opportunity to gather together and celebrate. Notorious for attracting large crowds at its special events and celebrations over the years, TRU welcomed over 900 individuals throughout the community to revel in the end of the school year at Tanglewood Park. Interacting with Triad locals through good food and fun is just one way in which TRU serves its surrounding community. To ensure that students around the Triad are exposed to the values important to TRU, the team often teaches gym classes at local schools and visits classrooms to talk to students about the importance of focus and the various character-building qualities involved with learning martial arts. TRU also hosts birthday parties at its facilities, allowing guests to get a taste of Taekwondo alongside pizza and cake.

A common misconception about martial arts is that athleticism and aggression are key. While possessing innate physical capabilities as a Taekwondo student is important, the TRU team strives to help students excel interpersonally and athletically. By teaching vital lessons of working hard and treating others with respect, enrolling in Taekwondo classes not only helps students work up a great sweat, but also instills values in students and fosters personal growth. Taekwondo is also an excellent outlet for students with special needs to learn their bodies’ abilities and limits while sharpening social skills.

TRU’s newest campus in Clemmons serves as the perfect middle ground for students and families situated between TRU’s Advance/Bermuda Run and Country Club Road locations. TRU’s Clemmons location will function as an academy, where current members, masters, instructors, and leadership team members can interact with Grand Master Douglas at different intervals. Grand Master Douglas is a highly accomplished student himself, who is trained under the highest ranking female martial artist in the world. While GM Douglas has won championships in Taekwondo and was undefeated for years, he realizes as an instructor that not everyone has the time, resources, physical ability, or natural talent to achieve such high rankings in the sport. This realization is why GM Douglas is the perfect fit for TRU Taekwondo’s program, which focuses on pouring into students and the community as opposed to solely winning championships.

Co-Owner Philip Averett is a firm believer in the idea that everyone wants to feel a sense of belonging. He attributes much of TRU’s growth over the last decade to finding likeminded members who also value serving others. TRU is intentional in its endeavors and invests the proper training and education in its staff members so that TRU’s mission of encouraging young men and women to be the best versions of themselves can be carried out. Aside from training its staff members, Philip also understands the importance of sustainable growth. By maintaining manageable class and extracurricular schedules for its instructors and leaders, the TRU team is well-rested with a positive attitude, leaving room for leaders to provide consistent, high-quality instruction to their students.

Ready to enroll at TRU Taekwondo? Visit TRU online at to read more about TRU’s team, mission, and class schedules. Check out TRU on Facebook and follow the team on Instagram at @trutkd to stay updated on the latest news from the TRU crew. Meet the staff and tour one of TRU’s five Triad campuses listed below.

New! Clemmons Campus

600 Meadowbrook Mall Court Ste. 5

Clemmons, NC 27012

(336) 448-0152

Country Club Campus

5065 Country Club Road

Winston-Salem, NC 27104

(336) 448-0152

Kernersville Campus

1525 Union Cross Road

Kernersville, NC 27284

(336) 904-6415

Davie Campus

5289 US-158

Bermuda Run, NC 27006

(336) 998-2020

Hickory Tree Campus

12201 N NC Highway 150

Winston-Salem, NC 27127

(336) 788-5333


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