A Graceful Transition: Summer to Fall

I have always loved the passing of summer and eagerly embraced the promise of fall. I used to think that I was the exception, but a little research proved me wrong. It turns out that both spring and fall compete for the top spot in terms of seasonal preference.

Because a beginning is always preceded by some type of ending, the natural progression from summer to fall is no different. It invites us to let go and to let in, a process we can approach with intention and a sense of grace by making ourselves a partner with the rhythm of nature.

Reflect on your best summer memories

One way that we honor the passage of time and the experiences we’ve had is to consciously recollect them. What did you do this summer that stays in your mind and in your heart? Focus on those highlights and remember how you felt and what made them great. You might even decide to post or display photos of “My Summer Highlights” online or within your home. This way, you can revisit them at any time.

Anticipate and establish new routines

Darker and cooler mornings, followed by earlier dusks are a given. Instead of being annoyed by nature’s reset, ask yourself how you can go with its flow. I wake a tad bit later, read a little longer, and head out just before first light for my morning walk. Of course, this means that the feeding of the backyard birds is delayed, but their timing reset seems to be quite in sync with my own. You might also consider turning on a few lamps as dusk approaches – not just because it’s getting dark, but it brings a warm ambiance to your home. Meeting a friend for a hot cup of coffee or tea is another welcome fall routine you can establish. A new routine might even be selecting a few new books to devour this season as you anticipate spending more time near the hearth.

Refresh your meal plan

Fall is synonymous with harvest. Get online or pull out your cookbooks and focus on seasonal vegetables, soups, stews, and casseroles. If you are a “big salad person,” you can incorporate seasonal produce there as well. You might even identify ten or so recipes that you will focus on this fall and stock up on non-perishables accordingly.

Attend to your garden

Does the garden ever really die in these parts? I’m still unsure! In any case, get busy deadheading or leave it be so that the birds can have their pickings of berries and seeds. By all means, stash away that half-used bag of potting soil along with your tools and gear. Taking the time to clean and organize as you go will pay off come spring.

Reset your space

For example, your porch or patio can host fall annuals as well as colorful pumpkins to reflect the colors of the season. Inside, even if you don’t have a white, beige, or gray color scheme (mine is red-based!) you can still honor the season with a few small changes. Consider:

  • Incorporating autumnal scents for your room diffusers, candles, and soaps
  • Adding in some warm, cozy throws on your sofas
  • Including some real or faux branches in your vases
  • Springing for a few new kitchen towels in tones and designs that say, “it’s fall!”
  • Using cloth napkins. Add some rich textures and darker hues to your table
  • Clean and store summer bedding and replace with warmer items
  • Display fall magazines where they can be seen and appreciated
  • Style your mantel and other “display” areas with fall-related, decorative items

Now, take a step back and enjoy your fall life to the fullest…


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