Christina’s Dessertery: Back to Basics

Ten years ago, Christina Johnson fell in love with cake design.  Her artistic eye coupled with an incredible gift for baking quickly gained attention.  Christina’s cakes aren’t just something beautiful – they are noted for being both light and delicious.  For over a decade, Christina has taken great care and pride in making from-scratch cakes and creating memorable and edible works of art.  After several years of operating a thriving home-based business, the logical next step was a bakery boutique.

For the last five years, Christina and her husband, Michael, operated a storefront, but the experience wasn’t quite what they expected.  “It was a great experience, and we met some amazing people.  However, we were putting in long, grueling hours.  And as a family, it just wasn’t conducive to raising our boys,” said Christina.

“After five years,” she continued, “I decided not to renew the lease.  It was a difficult choice, but one I had to make.  It’s definitely what’s best for my family, and it came with a great added benefit – I now have the time to focus on what I love best…the cake designs!”

Christina’s Dessertery is still in business, but now operating in a home-inspected kitchen. “It’s been great to get back to the basics,” said Christina.  “This is how I started my business, and I now know this is the best way for me to run the business.

“Now that I’m back in my in-home bakery, I’ve been able to devote some time to catching up on the latest trends in cake design,” Christina continued.  “The creative part of baking has always been my passion.  It’s what enables me to build deeper relationships with my wonderful customers!  I have more time to customize exactly whatever their vision may be, and bring it to fruition.”

Since the bakery business is often at the heart of so many family celebrations, this customer-connection is imperative!  “I love being a part of weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, graduation, retirement celebrations, and more!  Every time a family hires me to design a cake for an important event in their lives, I feel honored to be chosen.”

Christina shared, “Even though Christina’s Dessertery is a home-based business, I still offer cake by the slice, cupcakes, pastries, whole cakes, and more!  All my customers need to do is follow me on Instagram and like my page on Facebook.  I regularly post what flavors are available.”

Customers can even still call the same phone number!  Christina’s Dessertery’s number is now attached to a cell phone, and Christina can take orders by phone or text.

“I do miss the bakery at times, but I wouldn’t trade the freedom baking from home has afforded me. With three young boys, I am so happy that I can go to soccer practice now, or watch them at Greek dances, or attend school meetings,” smiled Christina.  “As sweet at my job is, my family time is even sweeter.  Now, I feel like I have the best of both worlds.  My family and my career – and I love both so much.”

Christina’s Dessertery’s home-based bakery is located in Winston-Salem.  Call 336.712.0300, or visit online at  Be sure to like Christina’s Dessertery on Facebook and follow the bakery on Instagram. 


Sweet Reviews

“I wish I could give Christina more than five stars! The cake she baked for me was delicious and beautiful! She’s extremely friendly and talented! Such an overall pleasant experience! I highly recommend her!”  ~Theandra L.


“I will definitely continue to use Christina’s Dessertery for our special occasions in the future and highly recommend her to friends and family.” ~Jamie S.


“Christina was very accommodating with every request I made for the cakes and paid attention even to the tiny details to make it elegantly beautiful. Highly recommended!” ~Jeanneth R.


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