Choosing a Groomer

BY NICOLE TILLER, Owner of Bark of the Town

Choosing a groomer for your beloved fur baby can be a confusing experience.  There are so many different types of salons, and each can greatly vary in how they operate. Asking some of the following questions can help narrow down your options, and help ensure that your baby is handled safely, in an environment in which he or she is most comfortable, and receives a top quality grooming service with results that will last.

First and foremost, always make sure that your groomer is qualified to groom dogs.  Many pet parents are not aware that grooming is a completely unregulated industry.  Anyone can advertise themselves as a groomer, regardless of training or experience, and this can lead to tragedy.  Always verify that a business is legitimate and carries insurance, and that the groomer has been properly trained.  If the groomer has a website or social media, check out the photos of their work, and be sure to observe the background.  Does the pet in the photo have a clean, balanced trim?  Does he or she look happy?  Does the grooming area appear to be clean and safe?  Always trust your instincts.

Second, how long will your pet be at the salon, and where will he or she be housed while there?  At Bark of the Town, we typically ask 3-5 hours for your fur baby’s spa day so they can have breaks and some play time, and we are a mostly kennel free salon.  Our dogs hang out in a daycare type environment and are only separated or kenneled if needed.  While this works for our clients, some pet parents may choose a groomer that has only one pet at a time and grooms them straight through, or a salon where pets are housed in kennels.  Many people prefer to use a mobile groomer where a van that has been converted into a salon comes to your home and grooms your fur baby in your driveway.  Each groomer operates his or her salon in the way that works best for themselves and their clients, and there is always someone out there that will have the type of environment and scheduling that will work for your family.

After you have narrowed your choices down to a few businesses that are trustworthy and will have an environment where your fur baby will be comfortable, social media can be a great tool to help make your final decision.  Check out the grooming salon’s reviews to see what others are saying, and ask for recommendations in your local community groups to see where others are going.

Once you have found your groomer, be sure to call and get on their schedule as soon as possible. The best groomers fill up quickly, and many have clients who are already booked out for the year, limiting their schedules.  This is a good sign that they have happy clientele, and that your fur baby will be safe and happy in their care!

Bark of the Town is located at 2668 Lewisville-Clemmons Road, Unit #8, Clemmons, NC. For more information, ‘like’ Bark of the Town Pet Salon & Spa on Facebook or call / text Nicole at 336-354-7955.




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