Take a Vacation from Yourself

I called you this weekend but didn’t hear back. I was worried. Yeah, sorry. I took a vacation from myself. You what? I took a vacation from myself. Here’s the thing about my dear friend Lynda – you never know what to expect, or what startling wisdom lies just below the surface of her signature […]

Opposites Attract at West End Winston-Salem’s Opal & Onyx Hair Co.

PHOTO BY MEGAN BLACK PHOTOGRAPHY Triad locals are familiar with DASH Beauty, one of Winston-Salem’s esteemed salons for bridal styling, hair color, and more. DASH Beauty owner Rachel Newsome and her partner in crime Macey Ford, an experienced color specialist, are excited to introduce Winston-Salem residents to Opal & Onyx Hair Co., a chic salon […]

Surviving Office Politics

Most organizations have some degree of office politics. In fact, some offices resemble an episode of Survivor where you need to determine who you’ll trust, who you won’t, and who you’ll form alliances with. As Aristotle said, “Man is by nature a political animal.”  Politicking in an organization involves gaining power and influence over others to […]

DIY Girls Night: How to Host a Planter Painting Party

BY TARYN JEREZ         If you’re looking to get the girls together for one last summer soiree, hosting a planter painting party may be just the ticket! Think grown up craft night meets garden party! The best part is that flowerpot painting is an inexpensive project with an equally easy set up and skill level. […]

Purpose Push: Holding On Before Letting Go

BY SHERIDAN C. WATKINS Sit back and think rationally about this question: Are you ready to quit your job? I get it, you’ve been working hard, and it seems like the only obstacle is time. If you had more time to pour into your business, it would take off in the way you’ve been praying […]

Simplify After Sixty

BY JEAN MARIE JOHNSON I doubt that I will ever be a minimalist given the extreme delight I take in visual discovery and variety. And yet, as the decades have accumulated, so have my “things” – all ripe with something that matters – memory, whimsy, style, elegance – some quality that speaks to my being.  […]

At Home Date Nights

BY ANGELIA CORNATZER Don’t you love date night? We all love date night, but if you’re anything like me, you don’t always love the cost of date night. Maybe you also love date night, but you may not always feel like getting dressed up and going out. Well, we are going to look at some […]

It’s Hard to Be Humble

BY LESLIE SPEAS Do you remember this song? “Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble when you’re perfect in every way. I can’t wait to look in the mirror, I get better lookin’ each day.” Probably many of you don’t, as I think it was from 1980. I wish I could remember other important things […]

The Social Media Comparison Trap

BY MEGAN TAYLOR Millions of people use social media daily. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other sites are utilized for many reasons, such as staying up to date on the news, looking for new ideas, selling new and old items, and connecting with others. One primary connection social media allows users to form is staying connected […]

The Intentional Retirement – Part One: Lessons from the Workplace

BY JEAN MARIE JOHNSON  Where were you in the last decade of the 20th century? I know where I was: catching planes, trains, and automobiles as I raced from company to company across our great nation and sometimes, “across the pond.” I was making a living in a way that I mostly loved, often catching […]