Mastering Your Peace

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A chance sighting of a friend’s Instagram post launched a movement! LaTrinda Moore was surfing on social media when she came upon the most unique collection of self-portraits (her friend’s naked body fully encased in the beauty of nature). Because LaTrinda had knowledge of her friend’s internal evolution over the past year, the photographs were even more special and evoked something deep inside her. A single word bubbled up in response, Masterpiece, but what LaTrinda saw in her mind’s eye, and recorded in the comment section was a most unconventional spelling of that word… “MastHerPeace.” Upon rereading it, LaTrinda recalled, “I knew there was a manifestation bigger than just the term.” She began pondering the peculiar spelling that had “dropped into her mind” and in time, questions began to form. “What does this mean in light of what I am dealing with? What is special about this point in my journey? What is the nature of the spiritual, career, and relational transitions I am going through?” She was stimulated by the questions around “MastHerPeace” and liked the way it looked in print and the way it made her feel.

LaTrinda remembers looking up the definition of “mast” (a pole that rises vertically from a ship and supports the sails, which allows the wind to propel the ship) and a tagline immediately emerged, and it was profound… “She stands upright in her Peace.” LaTrinda was ecstatic because she knew in her spirit that God had given her this message and intended for her to share it with others. But how should she go about doing that? Her friend and designer, Brandi Oliver, printed t-shirts and masks and encouraged LaTrinda to not only print her message on apparel but come up with a bio to help people better understand what MastHerPeace meant in preparation for vending events. Because the message had been divinely obtained, human words seemed insufficient to describe the essence of MastHerPeace. LaTrinda struggled with the words, although she knew she was “purposed to nurture and encourage healing and strength in others; reminding them they are worthy of inner peace,” even as she, too, was learning to embrace the journey, accept her birthright “to be and be in peace,” and live her best life.

And then it happened! LaTrinda beams as she vividly recounts that one fateful morning as she was getting ready for work. The words just started coming to her, quickly and with the utmost clarity. She raced to the other room to grab a stool so she could sit down, right there at the bathroom vanity, to record every word she received in her Samsung Notes. She did so with abandon as the minutes passed by and then, as unexpectedly as the words came to her, they stopped. She read what she had typed from top to bottom, and with misty eyes and a heart filled to overflowing with gratitude and awe, LaTrinda knew without a doubt the poem was indeed from God, and it was the perfect vessel for transformation… her own and that of others. The unique spellings, play on words, and seemingly random use of capital letters woven throughout the poem all provided the necessary emphasis to convey the message she had no doubt she was to share with the world. MastHerPeace is about embracing the journey, accepting the process, and cherishing the experience, every single day!

Armed with her God-given words and a timid, but willing spirit, she began to share MastHerPeace, a message about the constant self-discovery, evolution and reception of all life brings to you. In LaTrinda’s words, “It gives voice to the weary and hope to the wandering and wondering.” While uncommon, she shared it with a new facial client, Kristin Johnson (Director, Historic Broyhill in Clemmons). Although they had not met before, LaTrinda sensed a strong connection and felt led to share MastHerPeace with Kristin, who wept as LaTrinda passionately read the words. The powerful way in which Kristin received the poem, coupled with her offer to have LaTrinda speak at an upcoming event at the Cancer Center, provided the robust encouragement she needed to share MastHerPeace again and again, and again. LaTrinda understands this poem is bigger than her and she shares MastHerPeace every chance she gets (most recently, she was a speaker at Forsyth Magazines’ Women on the Move conference, April 2022). While she doesn’t fully comprehend why she was chosen for this role, she rejoices in having such a beautiful platform to share the message of continual growth and development of peace; providing a healing balm that meets each person precisely where they are.

MastHerPeace Strategies Toward Daily Transformation:

  • Cherish opportunities for reflection

“My Peace” is the MastHerPeace of this Spiritual Being flowing as waters through this BoDy. Eye am the Peace which surpasses all understanding.

  • Acknowledge present state of being

my journey, the experience, Eye hear and see. Afforded myself the lackluster gift of being “okay.” Truth is, Eye wasn’t (Okay?) …

  • Accept and be grateful for it all

to reflect the Light Source that is the IN-HER me. Your MastHer will hold upright your sail of Peace.

To obtain more information about LaTrinda Moore and her powerful poem, “MastHerPeace,” secure LaTrinda for a speaking engagement, or to purchase merchandise, please check out her website

“MastHerPeace,” inspired idea of Source thru me, my journey, the experience, Eye hear and see. Afforded myself the lackluster gift of being “okay”. Truth is, Eye wasn’t (Okay?) … Eye felt my way through imposed and exposed darkness while constantly changing my light bulb from what external-you-watts to more IN-Her-WATTS to reflect the Light Source that is the IN-HER me. The notion that Eye am anything other than Amazingly-Divinely-Creative is dead to me.

 “My Peace” is the MastHerPeace of this Spiritual Being flowing as waters through this BoDy. Eye am the Peace which surpasses all understanding. Eye am Passionately, Internally and Entirely In-HerStood. (By who?) It’s You who Vibrate in the higher frequencies of this Spiritual Vortex, you know the In-Her-Hood. To Master Her Peace is the “MastHerPeace” of Me. Overstood?

You too are a “MastHerPeace.” Embody all HerPeace that will Usher you into YOUR “MastHerPeace” state of being. No weapons shall Prosper against your Peace. Your MastHer will hold upright your sail of Peace.

MastHerPeace! A declaration of my Affirmation to Live. Love. Honor. Find and BE Peace.  The only healing place for me is in MastHer-In Peace.  “MastHerPeace” She stands upright in Her Peace. And you too! Can. Will. Are. Be PEACE


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