CoolVu  – Elevating Spaces with Innovative Solutions

CoolVu offers a transformative range of products designed to enhance privacy, reduce UV exposure, and create safer, more comfortable environments for homes and businesses. From window tinting to privacy frosted film, architectural surface finishes, and security glass solutions, CoolVu is your go-to source for elevating your most cherished spaces. The franchise, founded by Chu Wong […]

Maple Pecan Sticky Buns

Fluffy, gooey, caramel-y, maple pecan goodness! These Maple Pecan Sticky Buns are made from scratch with simple ingredients you probably already have in your pantry, and you won’t believe just how EASY they are to make.  Servings: 12 Prep time: 20 minutes Rest time: 1 hour Cook time: 20 minutes Total time: 1 hour 40 […]

Fueling Your Long-Distance Friendships

Seventeen years. That’s how long the research says the average friendship lasts. And yet, I have a BFF friendship of 55 years, another of 28 years and still another that’s at least 20 years and going strong. At the heart of every one of these solid, long-term friendships, I notice two things: A significant shared […]


Dr. Ida Rolf pioneered the research and development of bodywork named after her.  Rolfing Structural Integration is a type of bodywork that focuses on the fascia, the deep layers of the connective tissue throughout the body and how the body moves as a unit.   Dr. Rolf was a biochemist and a Fellow in organic chemistry […]

Celebrating the Winter Solstice

A few days before Christmas is celebrated and the candles are lit for Kwanzaa, people throughout the world come together and commemorate the winter solstice. Observed this year on Wednesday, December 21st, the winter solstice is a time of seasons changing and one of the Earth’s poles being tilted as far away from the sun […]

Down with the Drama

Are you tired of dealing with drama? Do you have anyone in your life that you would classify as a drama queen? As I have gotten older, I have less tolerance for drama. I just want to be around peaceful people, do positive things, and enjoy life. So, what is a drama queen? This is […]

Forgive Yourself

You’ve said it to others: “No one is perfect.” “Try to let it go.” And finally: “When are you going to forgive yourself?” The inability to send forgiveness inward can be torturous.  When you see someone you care about suffering in this way, you do what you can to be helpful. But when the tables […]

WISE Mobile Reading: Sharing Books & Spreading Love

BY MARTIE EMORY PHOTOS BY JODIE BRIM CREATIVE From serving her church family to countless women in search of spiritual growth in their personal and professional lives, Carolyn Edmond is an inspirational force in her community. And as our collective thoughts are turning towards a new school year, her thoughts have been centered on how […]

Alkali Hair Studio: Where Love Inspires the Craft!

Alkali Hair Studio has always been known for a genuine appreciation of the human spirit, and thankfully, their industry has taken notice. In March 2022, the Winston-Salem salon was named to the SALON TODAY 200 by SALON TODAY, the leading business media for salon and spa owners. Each honoree was featured in the publication’s Spring […]

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