The Real Deal: How Clean is Your Hair?

How often do you wash your hair?  Are you in the everyday camp, the once-a-week camp or somewhere in between?  Some folks are highly fortunate to have thick hair that doesn’t get oily until five to seven days after a wash.  Some folks are feeling oily at the end of a day and some of […]

The Real Deal: Gluten – Friend or Foe?

We see gluten free sections at the grocery store, and it’s usually packed with all sorts of regular, everyday grocery items sans the gluten, like breads, crackers, flour.  If you are buying Oreos, you will see that amongst the double stuffed, regular, and seasonal flavor, they also have a gluten free package.  Gluten is a […]


Is intermittent fasting a fad diet?  I feel like I hear and see it all over social media and the magazine racks.  Fasting is not anything new.  It’s been around for hundreds, maybe thousands of years!  Mahatma Gandhi was famous for fasting in the name of social justice.  Many religions have periods of fasting.  Christians […]

The Real Deal: Fascia, More Than Just Skin Deep

Fascia – you might have heard of it.  It is becoming more popular as the understanding of fascia has developed scientifically.  But what might surprise you is that it is more than just the deep layer underneath your skin.  In fact, fascia is a connective tissue deep in the epidermis that is connected through your […]

The Real Deal: Toner, the Essential Spritzer

Toning is a step often missed by many in their skin care routine.  It might seem like one that you can easily skip because it’s just a spray, but these can be amazingly beneficial if you use the right ingredients and you can make one yourself for relatively very little money. Why should we consider […]

The Real Deal: Not all Oils are Created Equal

Oils are great sources of fat, and fat is a great source for energy. Fat is also responsible for many necessary body functions, like protecting the brain and other vital organs, and it’s essential for your body to absorb vitamins that are fat soluble. Fat can even help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels.  That last […]


April is a great time to get out there and get your hands in the dirt! It’s the ideal time to plant because the frosty mornings have usually gone, and it’s a month or two before it becomes scorching hot.  If you’re anything like me, a truly lazy gardener, the best plants to plant are […]

The Real Deal: Sore Muscles? “Tape” Away Your Pain

You have probably seen KT Tape, a brand of kinesiology tape in your local pharmacy, or maybe you have seen it on numerous athletes on your television.  It’s widely used in rehabilitation and physical therapy and is starting to be studied even more extensively than it has been in the past.  It has even made […]

The Real Deal with Candice Deal: YOGA – A BALANCING ACT

There is often a misconception about yoga.  Those who haven’t practiced it before may think of it as just stretching. While it does contain moves that will push your flexibility limits, it’s certainly not just stretching.  I have never worked up a dripping sweat while stretching but I certainly have during some yoga practices, that […]

The Real Deal with Candice Deal: Winter Hydration Hacks

When the temps are freezing outside, the last thing I want is to down an eight-ounce glass of ice water. Brrr! Hydrating is essential to our mind and body health but staying hydrated in the winter can be harder if you’re shying away from drinks because they may be cold, choosing to order a hot, […]

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