The Real Deal with Candice Deal: The Four Pillars of Health

Yes, 2022 is quickly coming to a close.  The New Year’s celebration is just around the corner and for many of us, it seems that each year may go by faster than the last.  With 2023 on the horizon, we may be thinking of the traditional New Year’s resolutions.  If so, it’s likely that the […]

The Real Deal: Essential Oils – Use Safely & Reap the Rewards

Essential oils are a staple in my home.  I reach for them over and over again. When I need a pick-me-up or help winding down, they are my go-to!  My first aid, wellness and beauty staples.  They are throughout my home, dotted in cleaners, balms and diffusers. They are powerful little bottles!  Because they are […]

The Real Deal with Candice Deal: Oh, Sugar Sugar!

Holidays are just ahead.  Halloween, Thanksgiving and all the holidays of December and New Year’s.  Holidays are exciting and full of family and friends.  However, for those on diets, holidays can be stressful because holiday treats are often filled with sugar. Sugar, as we know, is not great for our health.  It is inflammatory, addictive, […]

The Real Deal: Get Outside and Enjoy the Benefits of Nature

Fall is just around the corner and our hot humid summers have almost come to an end.  Getting out into the shade is great summer relief from the heat and it has some additional benefits you might not realize you are getting for free! When you are out walking under the trees, enjoying all of […]


BY CANDICE DEAL The summer heat is on and so is the summer sweat.  With temperatures at 90 and above, who isn’t dewy after fifteen minutes of being outside?  Not to mention the humidity in the south that just adds to the glistening glow.  Some of us are just naturally sweatier than others and I […]


Let’s face it, we all want to put our best face forward whether we are face to face with ourselves in the mirror, on a Zoom call, or sitting with our peers in person! This isn’t vanity, it’s completely natural to want to care for your face. So how can we put our best face […]

The Real Deal with Candice Deal: Bask in the Sun Safely

Summer is on the horizon and that means longer days and even more glorious sun rays!  Don’t fear the sun, enjoy the benefits – safely! There is a reason the sun has been worshiped by Greek and Egyptian cultures for thousands of years. Sunshine is vital to our health.  Not only is it warm on […]

The Real Deal with Candice Deal: Spring into Natural Bug and Itch Defense

Spring has sprung!  Finally, the trees have leaves and flowers are budding up all around.  Spring brings a renewing sense to the earth with so much emerging life.  Unfortunately, the bugs start emerging and buzzing with life, too.  Here in the south, our mosquito and fly season starts as soon as the warmer temperatures stick […]

The Real Deal with Candice Deal: The Kitchen Detox

So much of our health lies in our kitchen.  From the foods we eat and beverages we drink to all that prep work that goes into making meals to nourish our bodies from the inside out.  While we may be eating clean diets and using the best organic meats and veggies out there, we may […]

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