Castlelights: 7 Reasons to Uplight Your Home

For most people, their home is a place that represents comfort and security, and it’s the one place to truly let down their guard and relax.  As the saying goes, “A man’s home is his castle.”  Or to ensure political correctness, “A person’s home is their castle.” With that saying in mind, we often want to showcase our home.  It is, in most cases, our largest expenditure every month, and a reflection of our personalities and family.  So why not consider lighting your home?

Tim Burge offers architectural and landscape lighting.  What started as an artistic expression in 1998, became a business in 2003.  After aptly naming his business Castlelights, Tim has spent the last 15 years creating lighting masterpieces for hundreds of local homes.  Below are just a few of the reasons to consider hiring Castlelights.

Added Beauty & Sophistication

Lighting highlights key features of a home and accentuates the beauty of construction.  “Through various lighting techniques,” said Tim, “we can accentuate specific design elements, and add a level of sophistication to a home and landscape.”

Added Curb Appeal

Not only does architectural and landscape lighting showcase the beauty of a home, it adds to the curb appeal.  This is a great asset if and when the time comes to sell a home!

Added Security

Statistics show that, “A well-lit home isn’t going to be an attractive candidate for someone looking to break in as. Obviously, they would prefer to remain in darkness and shadows,” said Tim.

Added Value

When you increase the curb appeal, update the security, and highlight the home through lighting, the value of the home increases.  “Architectural and landscape lighting is a re-sell tool that increases the overall value of a property without substantial costs,” said Tim.

Extend Outdoor Living

“In the summer months, an lighted outdoor space helps extend the outdoor living area,” said Tim.  “We can illuminate sidewalks, driveways, landscaping, pool, the garage, the patio, and even the outdoor grill to help families extend their outdoor areas and enjoy longer evenings spent outside with family and friends.”


“Lighting can be very affordable,” said Tim.  “We use energy efficient lights, and the ongoing costs are negligible.  Because we use high quality LED lights, homeowners don’t see a major change to their monthly electric bill.”

Why Choose Castlelights?

Whether the project is a new design, an update of an older system, or repairing work done by someone else, Tim Burge and the Castlelights team are committed to enhancing your property with beautiful lighting. With years of experience, they fully understand the products and techniques related to outdoor lighting. They know which lighting products work well and which ones will be problematic. Their expertise and guidance will guarantee your enjoyment for years to come.

Because Castlelights is a dedicated lighting company and NOT an add-on to another business model, they are fully focused on the providing the best visual result possible with exceptional attention to detail. When you choose Castlelights, you are guaranteed that the end result will be visually stunning and virtually trouble free!

Call Castlelights for an estimate, and hear what the options are for your home! Call 505.4913 or 877.824.2449. Be sure to visit online at or follow on Facebook!


“Tim and his crew were terrific to work with and we are well pleased with the results. He was receptive, open to ideas and very collaborative. He helped us develop a plan and then executed it flawlessly. Everything works perfectly and the property looks great. He came back when we wanted to upgrade the plan a bit, and again was very helpful in making smart decisions about the kind of lights and their placement. The upgrade was flawless and we couldn’t be happier. I would recommend Castlelights without reservation.”  ~Frank C.




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