Budget Bzzz: 9 Things to Include in Your March Budget

Did you know it is important to alter your budget based on the month? For example, maybe you add a little more in the expense category rather than savings for the month of December, or you figure you’ll spend more money during the summer months for things such as vacations.

There is no better time than the first day of the month to set your updated budget. Read below to see the 9 things you should include in your March budget.

  1. Patrick’s Day: On March 17th, many people join in the green fun and celebrate the holiday just like the Irish do! According to research, 52% of Americans will spend an average of $37 per person on food, drinks, and more for their St. Patty’s Day events. If you plan on having a good time, add it into your budget.
  2. Spring Break: Whether or not your kids’ Spring Break is in March or April, it is time to start planning and saving. Even if you don’t go on a trip, it is nice to have extra money for fun stay-cation activities. Also, if you need extra childcare during this time, you will need to factor out how much extra money you’ll need.
  3. March Madness: For all of you basketball fans, March Madness can be as big as Christmas. Expenses, such as travel, game tickets, sportswear, and party supplies will get expensive and you want to make sure you have the money to cover it. (Also, you might want to pay attention to the higher cable bill, thanks to watching all those games.)
  4. Summer Vacation and Camp Fees: Yes, I said it. We are in March and I’m already talking about summer. However, it is never too early to start saving and planning for the various activities your kids and family will take part in. Also, if your kids are attending summer camp or childcare, register as soon as possible and remember that with those registrations, come deposits or full payments.
  5. Tax Season: April 15th will be here before you know it. When getting your taxes filed, always make sure to include any expenses or fees that may be involved.
  6. Springtime Maintenance and Home Repairs: Now is the time for annual spring cleaning and that can mean making those long needed home repairs. Home maintenance can be either expensive or cheap. Do your research and determine if you need to hire a professional or can DIY a repair. However, you’ll need to include the expenses for both avenues.
  7. Spring Consignment Sales: While you are doing your spring cleaning, get rid of things you don’t need anymore, such as clothes, shoes, and books. Then, sell them at consignment sales and consignment shops. This tip doesn’t take money out of your wallet – it will hopefully add some money to it!
  8. Entertainment: As the weather gets nicer, more and more people spend time outdoors. Think about the outside activities you and your family will enjoy. Are you going to an amusement park? An outdoor movie? To save money, try looking for entertainment that is free or has a family deal package.
  9. End of the School Year Expenses: Too early to talk about the end of the school year? Your budget will thank you for getting a head start on preparing for the many end of the school year expenses, such as teacher gifts, projects, and more. After all, May and June are only a few months away!

Don’t forget to add in the above expenses to your March budget. On March 31st, you’ll be glad you did and will hopefully have more money than you started the month with.


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