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The other day I watched a video on mindset and meditation. I’ll admit, I hardly ever meditate but I totally see the benefit of it and am planning to make it part of my routine. Even if I start with five minutes a day! One thing Dr. Joe Dispenza said in this video really stuck with me:

“You can’t wait for your success to feel empowered.”

How you think and how you feel creates your state of being…and through practicing meditation you can learn to control your thoughts and feelings. A good starting point? Be aware of what you are consuming right when you wake up. If you believe in the power of meditation or not, I think we can probably agree that opening up a rude email, hearing a depressing story on the news or seeing something frustrating on social media within a couple of minutes of waking up isn’t ideal. It sets the tone for your day! I’ve heard it called your “media breakfast” and I really like this term. Instead of immediately grabbing your phone (I’m raising my hand because I am so guilty of this), consider starting your day with something like meditation, reading a positive article in Forsyth Woman, watching an inspiring video or getting some fresh air and taking the dog for a walk. Give it a try for the month of July and see how you feel by the end of the month!

Our team has worked hard on this issue, and I’m thrilled you have it in your hands! We’ve featured Simply Southern Cuisine on the cover this month. Attending cover shoots is one of my favorite parts of my job. You wouldn’t believe the attention to detail and the (sometimes) hours it can take to get the perfect photos! Especially with food photos! It was so much fun to work with Jon Eric Johnson of JEJ Photos, Lauren Sephton of A Bright Moment and the fabulous team at Simply Southern Cuisine to capture these images. Check out all the beautiful photos and read more about this delicious family-run business HERE. When you head over to pick up a chicken pie, let them know Forsyth Woman sent you!

Speaking of food, this month we launched a brand new column! Forsyth Foodie: For Fans of Food. Our very own Lauren Sephton is the designated foodie and we kicked off this column at Ryan’s Restaurant. Read about our experience HERE!

In case you missed it, Girls’ Night Out is BACK! Last month we had an amazing time at Providence at the Manor House (check out photos from the event HERE) and this month we’ll be at Midtown Café & Dessertery on July 14th. Come out and join us for an early birthday celebration for Keela Johnson and Robin Bralley! Keela’s birthday is on the 15th and Robin’s is on the 16th! I love celebrating these two special women in my life back to back!

Also on July 14th, if you don’t have lunch plans, I’ll be speaking at the Professional Women of Winston-Salem meeting! If you aren’t a member, join us as a guest! This group is a great asset to our community, and I’m honored to be a part of it. You can learn more and register here.

Wishing you a safe, happy and healthy month of July!


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