Why “Bloom Where You Are Planted” May Not Be The Best Advice

Who doesn’t love a good inspirational quote? Whether you’re in the waiting room at the doctor’s office or scrolling through social media on your phone, words of wisdom seem to greet you. Every so often a quote or phrase will gain traction and stand out from the crowd for a year or so. In this case, you may have become familiar with the popular “Bloom Where You Are Planted” phrase. Printed on fitness water bottles, scripted on shabby chic wood signs,  or posted as a graphic on your best friend’s Facebook page, it seems this quote is here to stay.

So what does it mean?

Bloom Where You Are Planted…Or Don’t

The popular phrase is meant to bring both encouragement and motivation to make the best of every situation so that you don’t let it stop you from growing. The mindset behind it is to look at the cards you’ve been dealt that you don’t have the power to change, and be grateful and choose to excel, despite it all. This truly is great advice for anyone, especially the “Negative Nancy” types that need that reminder even more often.

But ask yourself, “What if I don’t want to bloom where I’m planted in this phase of my life?” What if you could bloom bigger and brighter by going after what and where you want to be, rather than simply enduring your present situation?

Recognize When You’re Not Getting Enough Sunlight and Water

You can show gratitude all day for the life you’ve been given while still recognizing there is room for improvement.  Every flower and vegetable in the garden deserves to grow to its full potential, and it can’t do that without a few resources. When you experience seasons of restlessness, sadness, scarcity, or negativity, check to see the last time you felt you were getting what you needed out of your life. When you take inventory of your lifestyle and recognize the areas that are lacking, it’s ok to give yourself permission to go after those things.

Sometimes You Have to Move to a New Garden

There will always be times when your surroundings are either helping you grow or stunting that growth. Just because you are planted there now, does not mean that’s where you have to stay. That “garden” might be the place you live, a stressful work environment, an unhealthy friend circle, a toxic relationship or several other things. Change can be difficult, but it’s incredible how much lighter your load can feel when you push yourself out of the surroundings that were holding you back from your greatest happiness.

Find Power in the Weeds and Don’t Stop Growing

One of the most important things to remember is the power you have to change your circumstances. Through complacency, disappointment, grief, limitation, heartache, frustration and more, you have that power.  Hold on to the encouragement from the popular inspirational quote, but never stop giving yourself permission to set changes in motion that will allow you to not only bloom, but grow to become the tallest, brightest sunflower in the field.


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