“There’s Gold in Them There Creeks” Panning for Gold can be fun and rewarding!

BY MARK MATHOSIAN The creek in my backyard overflowed during a storm, and surging water dislodged hidden minerals that settled in exposed outcroppings and shallows. The next morning, sunlight glistened off tiny gold colored specks and flakes, many no bigger than a pinhead. Could it be gold? Or maybe it was iron pyrite, better known […]

Red Cross For Rover – Dog Blood Donations Save Lives

Giving the gift of life, donating blood, isn’t just for humans. Dogs and cats can give blood and help a fellow furry friend survive surgery, illness and other health crises requiring blood transfusions. As with humans, there is often a shortage of blood supply for pets. In some veterinarian practices, cats are kept in-house for […]

Celebrate National Sandwich Month with Twists on Traditional Staples

What is often synonymous with summer is a delightful, mouth-watering sandwich. There is nothing quite like biting into one’s favorite. Especially in the South, as this region is nationally renowned for providing a variety of unique and different sandwich fare. From Elvis Presley’s favorite,  now simply known as “The Elvis,” (a banana, peanut butter and […]

Budget Bzzzz: Money Saving for College Students

Oh, the joys of being a broke college student. How I remember the days of living on a work-study salary and “grocery shopping” at home whenever I visited. For most college students, being broke comes as a component of those four years. However, there are still ways to budget and save money while in school. […]

The Art of Drying, Preserving, and Pressing Flowers

The fragrant bouquet of a floral arrangement is more than just eye-catching.  The color and scent have proven through research to elevate one’s mood, reduce stress, and encourage healing.  While the initial sight of a bouquet has intrinsic rewards, dried flowers remain beautiful without the need to change water.  While you garden to promote blooms […]

Are You Lying to Me? Ways to Catch a Liar in the Act

It happens to most people. Every once in a while, during a conversation, you think, “Is this person lying to me?” You then spend unnecessary time going over their words in your head, thinking about whether or not what they said is true. However, sometimes detecting a liar is something that can be easily done […]

Pamper Thy Feet

Slide your feet into a pair of shoes, and the senses are immediately heightened.  As the first heel is lifted and placed on the ground, termed a heal strike, the body begins a complex cycle of steps. Energy from the ground is transferred through the feet up into the ankles, past the hip; then, up […]

Constructing Dreams: Pleasing the Kids

Whether you plan to build or buy a home, remodel a room or seek ideas to expand your “green” footprint, we are all in the beginning stages of constructing our dreams. Each month, this column will invite you to look beyond the usual ideas and consider alternative cost-effective and eco-friendly options. With so many topics to […]

Educator Warehouse – Back to School 2018

As is the case year after year, it seems the kiddos just got out of school when it is time to start “back-to-school” shopping yet again! Some parents try to gather the obvious supplies like pencils, paper and binders throughout the summer when sales pop up here and there in anticipation of the dreaded lists […]

August 7: A Day to Honor and Remember Purple Heart Recipients

Nestled on a shelf in the living room curio cabinet is my grandfather’s World War II keepsakes. Included is a picture of him in uniform, a pilot logbook, and numerous medals. In his medals collection lies my grandfather’s purple heart. He received this honor from an injury obtained while parachuting out of an airplane that […]

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