Banish Beauty Boredom with Fall/Winter Hair and Makeup Trends


Bored with the same ol’ look? Want to know and try out the latest fashion-friendly beauty trends? Here’s what’s in and trending this fall/winter season.


  • Add a drop or two of castor oil or another plant-based oil with an eyedropper to your mascara for smoother application.
  • Be your own make-up artist and experiment with mixing colors, expanding your palette.
  • Experiment with the art of layering skincare products and pigmented cosmetics to create a look that’s uniquely your own.
  • Multitask and keep it sweetly simple with one product. Apply blush or bronzer to your eyelids, cheekbones, and mix with some coconut oil or Vaseline for a monochrome face.
  • Rub a few drops of a plant-based oil (like olive, avocado, jojoba, or coconut oil) between your palms and use it as a facial moisturizer and to add smoothness and shine to hair that tames frizzies and flyaways.


  • Glitz, glam, and glow with sci-fi inspired eery-descent and metallic disco electric blue, fun fuchsia, limelight or darker gorgeous green smoky eyes and lovely lilac and vibrant shades of violet and pretty purple beset by bejeweled rhinestone and star sticker accents from the sweet ‘n simple to ornamentally ornate
  • Soap brows – brows can’t get cleaner or bushier. Brush up with a damp brush and soap. Fake’s not in this fall, but fluffy is.
  • Braided ponytails and gilded gold shimmery eyeshadow or bold Brooke Shields brows, glistening skin, and pigmented and bold tomato red lips.
  • Bold under-eyeliner that wings out.
  • Loops and hoops with hair and earrings with a cylindrical aesthetic.
  • Contrast of bare eyes and face with dramatic and dark vampy lips.
  • Middle parts and vampy lips in rich plums, burgundies, bordeaux, and berries.
  • Goth dramatic deep, dark smoky eyes with charcoal shadow and coal-colored liner, paired with prom princess gilded updo’s.
  • Classic drama – onyx black kohl-lined eyes or with winged liquid eyeliner with crimson or candy apple matte red lips and tousled locks (messy meets sexy).
  • Ying yang fake nails with black, white, and nude pink.
  • Time for texture with retro shag mullets (‘70s look made modern), accented by shaggy headbands.
  • If you’re having a bad hair day, there’s no need to spend a fortune getting your hair professionally styled or spend all day heat styling. bandanas, headscarves, and retro headwear have graced top models on the catwalk and can provide the perfect cover-up to conceal unruly locks and flyaways that just don’t want to behave.
  • Monochromatic matching eyes and cheeks in gingerbread/terracotta/bronzed orange/coral and sunset shades matched with dusty peach lips and naturally styled hair merge wispiness with control.


  • Lived-in smudged liner with blunt fringe bangs (“a cool ‘90s girl look,” described Victoria Beckham).
  • Middle parts, exotic and dramatic Cleopatra-esque eyes, and glossy lips that shine and shimmer.
  • Variation on cat-like winged eyeliner that’s a sultry, sensuous, and smokey, smudged look.
  • Get cheeky with a rosy and flirtatious, naturally flushed glow.
  • Lush ‘n loaded lashes that fan out a la Penelope Cruz.
  • Dewy-faced doll with skin that glows, glints, and glimmers by applying highlighting balm or illuminating shimmer to high points of the face (cheekbones, browbones, tip of nose, and top of lip).
  • Nude lips are chic and cool in barely-there-beige and other neutral shades, paired with smokey winged eyes and a ‘90s grunge look.
  • Some prefer kitten heels to stilettos and some prefer a kitten winged eye look with skinnier and shorter lines to heavier winged cat eyes.

What’s in vogue and fashion is not about being a slave to the trends, and beauty is not a one-size-fits-all. Have fun and be creative as you explore and experiment with different looks with make-up and hair. No matter what your look, you’re still the same worthy, beautiful woman. Embrace who you are and enjoy being a chameleon!



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