5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Empty Notebooks


Every time I clean out my desk and drawers, I am surprised by the number of unused or half-used notebooks I have collected throughout the years and have placed in a forgotten spot. These notebooks come in different shapes, colors, and designs, but all have empty pages waiting to be filled. When this happens, my mind starts to run wild with ideas on what to do with them. Now, I know I’m not the only person with this problem. It can be hard to resist a beautiful notebook while shopping, even if you don’t need it. If you are looking for ways to fill your empty notebook pages, below are several ideas. Empty notebooks can be turned into many things and can become filled with thoughts and individual expressions. Take a look!

  1. Create Your Own Planner: An empty notebook can easily be turned into a planner. All you need to do is create your own layout by adding rows, columns, blocks, to-do lists, or whatever suits your fancy. One of the main benefits of creating your own planner from scratch is the ability to design and personalize a schedule and layout that works best for you and your needs. Think about how you like to organize your lists, schedule, etc. then transfer it to the notebook. Also, your planner doesn’t have to be a standard planner. It can be turned into a guide for planning on a trip or a big event, such as a party or wedding.
  2. Make Lists: Say goodbye to the dozen post-it notes lying around with your to-do lists on them. Identify a single notebook as the spot for all of your lists, whether it be to-do lists, needed items from the grocery stores, or things to do around the house. You can also put a creative spin on list-making. Create lists of movies to watch, books to read, places to visit. In a way, the list notebook can serve as a bucket list of things you would like to do. Lastly, use the notebook to make lists of things you want to remember when times are tough. For example, it is always helpful to reflect on things that make you happy, things you are grateful for, people you admire, self-care ideas, inspirational quotes, and favorite memories. Trust me, the list of things you could make a list for goes on and on. All it takes is a little creativity and thinking outside of the box.
  3. Creative Expression: Sometimes, an unused notebook can be the best thing for your creativity. Creative expression can include doodles, writings, and songs. It can also be used as a place to practice a new skill, such as lettering. Think of the notebook as a blank canvas. Who knows what might come out of this creative space?
  4. Memory/Record Keeper: Transform the barren pages into a scrapbook of memories. A few ideas of the many things to include in your notebook:
  • Family history and beloved stories
  • Family recipes
  • Travel memories and mementos, such as tickets, brochures, and photos.
  • Photographs
  • School memories
  1. Vision Board: A vision board can be defined as a collage of images, pictures, and quotes representing your dreams and goals. Also known as a dream board, it can serve as a motivation or inspiration for a person. Some items to include are pictures from magazines, inspirational quotes, descriptions of your goals and dreams, and progress towards a goal. Personalize your notebook vision board just for you and use it as a safe place to plan your future.

Sometimes there is nothing better than turning a notebook into a timeless diary. However, empty notebooks can be a great source of inspiration and creativity. You can even turn one notebook into several different notebooks by using dividers and creating sections. Remember the main requirement though – just let your mind run wild with the endless options.


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