5 Reasons How This Is Us Resembles Real Life

Since its premiere in 2016, NBC’s hit series This Is Us has captured the hearts of many Americans. Each week, millions have tuned into stories about the Pearson family: parents Jack and Rebecca, their twins Kate and Kevin, and adopted son Randall. The three children were all born on Jack’s 36thbirthday. Throughout each episode, viewers are given insight into the family’s past and present. We are walked through the Pearsons’ tragedies, triumphs, fears, and smiles. One of the reasons This Is Us has become such a beloved show is because it is relatable to almost everyone. We can sympathize and share with their problems and express joy with their happy moments. In life, most people have times that are similar to the ones portrayed by the Pearsons. After all, the show’s tagline is “This is real. This is love. This is life.” And it couldn’t be truer. Here is why This Is Us is well, us, and we can share in the lessons it teaches us.

  • Traditions are special and should be remembered.In season 1, episode 8, “Pilgrim Rick,” the Pearsons deal with a not-so-perfect Thanksgiving, and thanks to their car breaking down, they spend the night in a hotel. However, Papa Pearson, played by Milo Ventimiglia, brightens up the day with the introduction of Pilgrim Rick. This character soon becomes a classic Thanksgiving addition for the family. Also, how many of us haven’t had to improvise on a holiday? Trust me, these days have their flaws sometimes, but the best traditions are the ones we create ourselves.
  • Take the time to celebrate your uniqueness. Each of the three children are different and are separate individuals. Kevin is the high school football star, popular kid turned actor; animal lover Kate wants a singing career, and Randall is academically gifted. Growing up, their parents made sure to celebrate each child’s uniqueness and talents. In addition, they took it a step further by always planning three birthday parties for the trio.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The beauty of This Is Us is that the show doesn’t represent a perfect family who lives an unrealistic lifestyle. Instead, it shows a family who has their struggles. Kate struggles with being overweight and has a difficult time dieting and exercising. She feels overshadowed by her mother’s musical talent and ability to maintain a small figure. As for Kevin, he often feels neglected and battles alcoholism. Lastly, Randall has a hard time accepting his intelligence and being the only adopted, and only African American, member of the family, all while putting others before himself to the point of becoming overwhelmed. However, there is one thing for sure in the Pearson family: they lean on their loved ones for support and help. For example, in season 1, episode 15, “Jack Pearson’s Son,” Randall has a panic attack after overworking and worrying about work and family. Even though it is opening night for his new play, Kevin realizes Randall needs support and rushes to his side. This is a lesson everyone in the world needs to know. Don’t be afraid to ask others for assistance when you need it. It is hard trying to carry the weight of your battles alone.
  • Adoption multiples a family’s love. Kevin and Kate were originally part of triplets. Sadly, their brother, Kyle, didn’t survive past birth. Yet, Randall was born on the same day and taken to the hospital by a fireman. Coincidentally, he’s placed next to Kevin and Kate in the nursery, and the rest is history. There are several parts during the past two seasons where the family references Randall’s adoption, and even brings in the storyline of Randall finding and reconnecting with his biological father. Yet, this lesson exemplifies that you don’t have to be related by blood or look alike to be considered a family and love each other.
  • Do your best with what life gives you. From the first episode, fans heard the quote, “There’s no lemon so sour that you can’t make something resembling lemonade.” This Is Us teaches viewers that no matter what happens in life, make the best out of the situation. Almost every circumstance can bring a new skill, a new lesson, or a new discovery. Everyone has their hard times, but these times doesn’t mean it is a bad life. Something good can come out of anything.

This Is Us is one of my all-time favorite shows, and the list above is just one of the many reasons why. The series portrays that family is forever, that your loved ones are never far away, and that no one lives a perfect life. Mark your calendars for the return of This Is Us on Tuesday, September 25thon NBC.




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