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One of my favorite things about writing this column is all the new novel choices I get from my fellow magazine writers. When I asked for suggestions for November’s piece, many came back with praises for the books by Fredrik Backman, especially Britt-Marie Was Here, Beartown, and A Man Called Ove. Fredrik Backman is a columnist, blogger, and writer in Sweden. He is also a number one New York Times bestselling author and a bestseller in Sweden. Backman’s books have been published in over 40 countries worldwide. Let’s take a sneak peek at three of his bestsellers.

Britt-Marie Was Here

Britt-Marie has been living a normal, ordinary life for more than 40 years. She has lived in Stockholm, Sweden, with her husband, Kent, and has strived for everything in every day to be perfect. Britt-Marie can’t stand disorganization, a mess, or anything out of place. She is known to be socially awkward and does what is expected of her. However, unknown to those around her, she dreams of big ideas for her life. However, these dreams are just thought to be only dreams for Britt-Marie, until one day she discovers that her husband has been unfaithful, and she decides to leave him. She travels back to Borg, Sweden. While in the town, Britt-Marie is pushed and pulled out of her comfort zone. She soon realizes that an exciting and different life waits for her in Borg. Now, the question is: will Britt-Marie take this new life or go back to her old one, when Kent unexpectedly shows up one day? You’ll have to read Britt-Marie Was Here to find out.


According to Kirkus Reviews, Beartown is “like Friday Night Lights, this is about more than youth sports; its’s part coming-of-age novel, part study of moral failure, and finally a chronicle of groupthink in which an unlikely hero steps forward to save more than one person for self-destruction.” Sound intriguing? Beartown is a story about a small community in the woods. At the heart of the community is a generations old ice rink that was built by the founding members of the town. This ice rink helps to prepare the junior ice hockey team as they compete in the national semi-finals. As their shot at winning increases, all hopes from Beartown are placed on the team and the pressure on the group of teenage boys is insurmountable. Trouble ensues as challenges arise during the semi-final match and soon all citizens of Beartown are impacted one way or another. This novel is full of twists and turns that will keep readers on edge.

A Man Called Ove

Currently being turned into a motion picture starring Tom Hanks, A Man Called Ove is a tale about a grumpy, but loveable, man named Ove. You see, Ove likes his solitary life, follows strict routines, and can be temperamental. One day, Ove’s life is turned upside down when a new family moves next door. An accident that flattens Ove’s mailbox leads to an unexpected friendship between Ove, the couple, and their daughters. This new way of life and companionship are just want Ove needed. A Man Called Ove gives readers a story of comedy, sadness, and a heartwarming ending. Readers are also given lessons of love and friendship to put to use in their own lives.

Fredrik Backman’s books are filled with satire, humor, and comedy, as well as with moments that will warm a reader’s heart. Trust our writers, these novels are ones you can’t miss and will leave readers wanting more.










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