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It may or may not surprise you, but there is survey data about the amount of time Americans spend doing laundry. The chore of laundry is disproportionately done by women, taking, in an average week, 119 minutes, just shy of two hours; men, on the other hand, wash and fold about 28 minutes out of their week. With everyone’s busy schedule, who couldn’t use an extra two hours or 28 minutes? If you would like a bit more free time, Woshbox, a full-service laundry, dry cleaning and rug cleaning business, can help you live life and never do laundry again!

Woshbox started as a dream of South Korean immigrant You Jung. “In 1999, I visited the US, traveled around and saw the opportunity in this country,” said You. “When I returned to South Korea, I told my wife we needed to move to the states; South Korea was having a very bad time economically. My wife had family in Greensboro, so we moved there in 2000. I got my green card to work, and my first job was at a dry cleaner. I opened my first dry cleaner on Clemmons Road in Clemmons in 2003 called Crystal Cleaner. In 2020 before Covid, I had a good idea of what customers wanted and what made for a positive customer experience. I opened the first Woshbox on University Parkway in 2020 and then the second on Oakwood Drive, both in Winston-Salem. With the latest location on Clemmons Road, formerly Crystal Cleaners, we are able to service the community’s laundry needs.”

You Jung’s idea behind Woshbox was to help people live their best lives by giving them a bit more time in their days, taking care of all their laundry needs. “We pick up, wash, dry, fold and deliver,” said You. “Customers can also drop off their items, and we will have them ready in two to three business days. We offer the same service for all dry cleaning. In addition to the laundry services, we also clean rugs, comforters, wedding dresses, suede, leather, dog beds, horse blankets and everything in between. If it needs cleaning, we can probably help you. People think a lot about cleaning clothes, but your rugs and comforters need regular cleaning, too.” Woshbox will wash, dry and fold your clothes, according to label instructions, then crisply fold them and pair up your socks, too! With his entrepreneurial spirit and appreciation for giving people opportunities like he was given, You brought Massiel Tovar, a native of Venezuela, onboard.

“I moved to the states two years ago and took the job here at Woshbox working behind the counter,” said Massiel. “In Venezuela, I was studying industrial engineering, but once I saw everything that goes into this business and how You works for the customers, I [decided to] study business at Forsyth Technical Community College. We really care about the customers and do our best to take care of their laundry and cleaning needs. Woshbox’s attention to customer service and expert care is not the only thing that sets it apart in the industry.”

“We are very appreciative of our first responders and military, so we offer 10% off daily on any cleaning done for them,” said You. “For our customers 60 years and older, every Thursday is Seniors’ Day with 10% off their orders. On Wednesdays, everyone receives 30% off cleaning of comforters. We are very appreciative of our customers and their choosing us for their cleaning needs, so to give back is just the right thing to do.” Beyond these daily and weekly specials, You has a great desire to help those unemployed and job hunting.

“So many people are experiencing hard times these days, and at Woshbox, we will dry clean anyone’s suit, dress or whatever they wear for a job interview for free,” said You. “Looking your best for an interview is so important, and we want to help others who are trying to get back a bit of normalcy with a job.”

It really doesn’t get easier than turning your laundry chore over to Woshbox. Online scheduling is available, fill the bag, leave it at your door and You, Massiel and the Woshbox team will take care of the rest!

Woshbox locations: 3608 Clemmons Road in Clemmons, 366.712.3155; 133 Oakwood Drive, 336.725.3773 and 5061 University Parkway, 336.602.2860, both in Winston-Salem. For more information, visit www.getwoshbox.com.


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