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From time to time, there emerges a business that subscribes to a more important philosophy than numbers: the human element. Locally owned and operated, Two Maids and A Mop of Winston-Salem is one of those breaths of fresh air.

During one of the most trying times our nation has seen at every social level and on every political platform, Crystal Scott and the ladies of Two Maids have not only bonded together for each other, but for their clients and their community as a whole. The culture of team – commitment, loyalty, and charity – is the catalyst that continues to drive their business and uphold the company’s reputation as one that goes the extra mile for people.

Crystal shares that “Remembering where we come from, that we all have struggles, and that compassion and hard work will always pay off…these are the principles we strive to uphold together, in our work and our lives.” Operating since 2018, Two Maids & A Mop has a stellar reputation for providing quality residential cleaning to clients in the Winston-Salem area. In addition to their regular schedule of clients, the Maids perform cleaning for members of their communities who have befallen on hard times. Whether someone is experiencing illness, personal hardship, or financial obstacles, Crystal and the girls pitch in with their time and resources whenever possible to help. Two Maids and A Mop has a program called “Cleaning for a Reason” that helps families who have been impacted by cancer. It is a service that hits close to home for many of the members who have also felt the impact in their own families and lives. “It puts things in perspective when the daily grind wears on us, and it brings us back to what our services mean for our clients and why we do what we do,” says Crystal.

Professionally trained cleaners from Two Maids and A Mop come from all different walks of life. With different personal stories, senses of humor, strengths, and struggles…they share a passion for their work. The Maids offer a plethora of different service packages tailored to meet the needs of equally different families and homes. Whether you’re looking for a little dust-up to maintain your home or in need of a deep clean to knock off more grime, they’ve done it all.

From large homesteads to single-occupant apartments, the Two Maids and A Mop team approaches each job with the same enthusiasm and professionalism with an eye for detail.

In the midst of a pandemic, has there ever been a better or more crucial time to make cleaning and housekeeping a top priority? Simply because you’ve been stuck at home doesn’t necessarily mean you have the energy or desire to clean it yourself. With professionally trained cleaners and a variety of cleaning packages to choose from, why not let someone else tidy up for once – or perhaps even for good?

Clients who are in need of a one-time cleaning can select a package that meets their specific needs or preferences, including homeowners or renters who are moving in or out of a new residence. Recurring cleaning packages are also available for customers looking to cross housekeeping off their to-do lists for the long run. To view available packages and receive a quote, visit the Two Maids & A Mop website at

While there are numerous cleaning services to choose from in the Triad, what makes Two Maids the best choice? As the franchise owner of Two Maids in Winston-Salem, Crystal Scott believes her exceptional team members make all the difference in setting Two Maids apart from competitors. She attributes the franchise’s tremendous growth to the hard work and high level of care that her cleaners have shown.

“Our team members care about their jobs because everyone cares about each other,” explains Crystal. “We’re a team. It’s not about the revenue, but about making a difference in customers’ and cleaners’ lives.”

While many individuals assume that cleaning is a piece of cake, they would be surprised to learn that it’s not such a walk in the park. In fact, education level or prior experience has little effect on the quality of care and customer service provided by Two Maids. Crystal has been highly impressed by her staff throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, none of whom have asked for a day off or refused to work. Each employee has shown up to work ready to give their best efforts every day, even though they have children with hectic schedules. How was Crystal fortunate enough to find such a dedicated staff? When looking to hire new employees, she looks to hire based on motivation. “If someone wants to work and takes pride in who they are, they’ll take pride in their job,” Crystal states. “You can teach someone how to clean, but you can’t teach someone to care about others or their work.”

Another factor contributing to the excellent services provided by Two Maids is the “pay for performance” pay structure adopted by the franchise. Cleaners are held to a higher standard by receiving customer survey feedback, which directly impacts cleaners’ earnings. Crystal believes that feedback is invaluable and allows cleaners to feel as if they are more in control and appropriately compensated for their quality of work. Since customer retention and customer service are two of the team’s top priorities, feedback at Two Maids is always welcomed.

In order to make homeowners feel comfortable, especially during the pandemic, cleaners at Two Maids always use gloves, masks, and hospital-grade disinfectants while cleaning homes. Fortunately for Two Maids staff, exceptional safety precautions were standard before the COVID-19 outbreak. While cleaning in a mask can be difficult and has been an adjustment, cleaners know that wearing one is nothing short of necessary in keeping customers and themselves safe.

Interested in giving Two Maids a go? Visit the website for a quote or call the Two Maids & A Mop office at (336) 448-4640 for any additional questions. Follow Two Maids & A Mop of Winston-Salem on Facebook and Instagram to see the team in action and stay up to date on the team’s latest news and updates.


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