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Kristie Kinley 

Kelsey Condon 

Kristie Kinley and Kelsey Condon have worked at 97 Display for more than five years. Recently, Kristie was promoted to General Manager/President and Kelsey was promoted to Director of Client Experience. They both worked their way up from entry level positions to managers and, now, are executive team members. “Kristie’s promotion puts her in charge of all company managers/leaders,” said Chelsea Goodwin, CEO and founder of The Agent Accelerator. “Kelsey is now on the executive team serving alongside the CEO, General Manager and the other director-level positions. These ladies are also best friends. They have both lead their company through the adoption of the EOS system during 2020, and in a year where many companies were impacted by Covid, 97 Display thrived and grew under their hard work and leadership. Kelsey is wife to Jack, mother to Walt (2) and dog mom to Payton. Kristie is wife to Justin and dog mom to Avett. Kelsey loves to spend time with friends and relax with her wonderful family. Kristie enjoys spending time outdoors and quality time with the people she loves.



Danielle Blanton and Stephanie Fulton are the owners of Local Roots Coffee in Kernersville. They have been in business for three years. “Our long friendship turned into a partnership for a cozy, local coffee house, and we pride ourselves on showcasing other local female-made products in our shop, as well,” they said. “Danielle also owns a handmade candle business and teaches yoga while Stephanie owns a custom clay earring business and recently started esthetician school to expand her arsenal. We love being a place where locals love to be!” Supporting local businesses is extremely important and easy with caring, hardworking business owners like Danielle and Stephanie!



Julien Patton is the owner of It’s A Photo Booth Life. After selling the family business, Julien wanted to start her own company while attending school for a degree in computer programming and network management. “It brings me joy to see other people enjoying the photo booth and creating memories,” said Patton. “And, it happens to be a flexible business while I’m in school.” Julien’s business has been very successful in a short period of time. She met the booking goal for the first year in business even during the Covid pandemic. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, pottery, watercolor, candle making and supporting non-profits such as Twin City Santa, volunteering with Sawtooth and River Run International Film Festival, on the board of downtown WS partnership and Electric Book Club. She also enjoys spending time with her adopted dog, Georgi.



Relationship Coach and Soulmate Expert Carrie Jeroslow helps women go from heartbreak to soulmate by teaching them the secrets to finding, having and maintaining empowering and fulfilling soulmate relationships. She has had a varied career over the past 25 years in both the theatrical and healing arts. From a NYC casting director to the resident director for the theatrical sensation, Blue Man Group, to a massage therapist, energy healer, relationship coach and vineyard/winery owner, the one constant in her life has been her own path of self-discovery. She has helped many clients create profound life changes using the process in her #1 Amazon bestselling book, Why Do They Always Break Up with Me? In her spare time, Carrie loves getting lost in music and in great acting, whether on-screen or on-stage. Her daily inspiration comes from her two young sons and supportive, loving husband.



Brittany Nicosia is a women’s health nurse practitioner with more than 10 years in healthcare, currently practicing at Wake Forest Baptist Health in Gynecologic Oncology and is a LGTBQ+ affirming and trained provider. “I am so fortunate to work with a very special patient population that not only allows an opportunity to make impactful change in their lives but has also positively impacted mine,” said Nicosia. “The strength, courage and grace my patients demonstrate has made an everlasting change in my heart. In addition to direct patient care, I am involved in research and quality improvement projects. I am a member of the APP council at Baptist and a member of the NPWH Conference Review Committee.” Brittany received a bachelor’s degree at the University of Florida as well as a bachelor’s degree from National University. She then went on to earn her masters in nursing from Vanderbilt University. In her free time, Brittany enjoys participating in anything active that can be done outside such as exercising and hiking. She loves supporting causes close to her heart as well as frequenting local businesses and empowering women through love, support and positivity.



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