Why are my eyes so red?

One of the most common complaints at Summit Eye Care involves the physical appearance of a patient’s eyes. Redness can occur for a number of different reasons, such as bacterial or viral conjunctivitis (pink eye), but the most common reason is dry eye disease. Dry eye disease is a chronic condition that results in inflammation within the eye, as well as along the eyelid margin. Last month, we spoke about abnormal blood vessel growth, or ocular rosacea and how it can affect the eyelid margin. This inflammation can affect the glands in our eyelids, resulting in decreased oil production. When the eye has an insufficiency of the oil production, the tear film will evaporate, leading to burning, scratchy, itchy, and watery eyes. All of these symptoms can then result in redness of the inner and out eye.

“So, what do I do about it?” Stay away from any eye drops that claim to “get the red out.” These types of drops have many negative side effects to the eye. If the eyes are red, it’s due to a reason. Don’t try to mask the issue – find the underlying cause and let’s solve it together!

Remember, redness that is associated with dry eye disease is a sign of the chronic nature of the disease. Treating this inflammation is of the utmost importance in order to return the eye to its normal functioning state. At our office, you will find the most advanced equipment and treatment options to help brighten your eyes and keep them that way!

Summit Eye Care is Winston-Salem’s leading dry eye center and we take great pride in more effectively treating your exact type of dry eye. Using our specialized knowledge and diagnostic equipment, we are able to more efficiently treat your condition. Call today to schedule an appointment. Join us next month as we continue our discussion on the most common type of dry eye disease, meibomian gland dysfunction.



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